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Before the Sun Rises

I have always had a love for writing fiction. Currently, I am writing flash fiction.

The Routine

A loud ring fills the dark room.

Eyes half-lidded, Timothy stirs under his covers. With a groan he shifts in the direction of his phone flashing on the dresser.

"That new ringtone is just as annoying as the old one..." Timothy grumbles. He turns the phone off with one swipe of his finger.

After shuffling into the bathroom, he comes out dressed in a beige coverall. Timothy then walks to the laundry room to fold towels. He checks the time and goes to prep dinner. After preparation, he stores the meal in the refrigerator. All Alley must do is heat it up when she returns home from school. Timothy takes one last survey of the kitchen, for any stray dishes the kids need to clean.

"I better get going."

But before he heads out, Timothy sneaks into his kids' bedroom to ensure they have their alarms set. Satisfied, he leaves out the house and locks the door. It will be another hour before daylight. Timothy enters his car and backs out the driveway. He plans to stop for a sausage biscuit and a coffee during his commute.

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