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Bedtime Stories for Kids - Story of Mouse Deer and a Tiger

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Story of mouse deer and the tiger

Story of mouse deer and the tiger

Short Moral Stories For Kids - Tiger and the Mouse

There are many short moral stories for kids and the animal story on the adventures of Sang Kancil, a clever and sly mouse deer on how it outmaneuvered and outwitted its enemy are well-loved by Malaysians and Indonesians.

Story of Mouse Deer and the Tiger

Mouse deer and the tiger is one of those stories and it is about how Kancil outsmarted a hungry tiger; a great kids' bedtime story.

Quick Mouse Deer Facts

Mouse deer are endemic to South and Southeast Asian forests and are a popular animal with children.

Mouse Deer Size

It is slightly bigger than a cat and has legs and a tail that resembled a deer. Its body and face, however, resemble a mouse. Mouse deer is the smallest known hoofed mammal and is a herbivore, eating fruits, leaves, shoots, fungi, and buds.

The Lesser Mouse deer

The Lesser Mouse deer

Story Telling: Mouse Deer and a Tiger

Once upon a time, there live this cunning mouse deer in a big forest. We will call him Sang Kancil. He is so clever that all the other animals in the forest will come and seek help from him. He has many friends in the forest but he also has many enemies. Among his enemies is the tiger.

One day, while looking for food the tiger saw Sang Kancil sleeping under his favorite tree. The tiger has not eaten for days and is very hungry. The sight of Sang Kancil makes him even hungrier.

Will the Tiger catch the mouse deer?

Will the Tiger catch the mouse deer?

How to Catch Sang Kancil, the Clever Mouse Deer

The Tiger was thinking and planning on the best way to catch that sly Sang Kancil. The last time he tried, the cunning mouse deer managed to get away.

While he was thinking; Sang Kancil suddenly woke up from his sleep and was about to walk away. The Tiger quickly jumped but missed by a couple of inches. He could only grab the tip of the Sang Kancil's hoof. Nevertheless, that was enough to frighten Sang Kancil.

Sang Kancil will be the Tiger's Lunch?

Now that I have finally got you, you will be my lunch. I have not eaten for days and I am not going to listen to any more of your excuses. I have been conned before and I am not going to fall for it again' said the Tiger.

But this time you must listen to me.' said Sang Kancil. He was actually frightened and was trembling, and was thinking about how to get out of this situation. He had to think fast before he becomes the Tiger's lunch.

Monkey's Poo

Then he saw the monkey's poo that was mixed with some dried leaves near where he was sleeping. "You see that cake? It's a special cake that belongs to the king. He ordered me to guard it and no animals in the forest are allowed to have it” said Sang Kancil.

'You were sleeping, not guarding it. I can go and report this to the king'.

The Tiger was curious and wanted a taste of the king’s cake. He is trying to force the mouse deer to let him have a bit of the cake.

"If you let me try the cake. Just a teeny weeny bit. I will not let the king know that you were sleeping," said the Tiger

Can Sang Kancil Get Away From the Tiger?

Sang Kancil knows this may be his only chance to get away but had to play the game well. "Oh well, I have no choice now but to let you taste it, only if you let me walk away to the other trees. If the king's guards happen to pass by while you are tasting the cake, I can at least tell them I had to go to the river for a drink” said Sang Kancil.

'OK that's fine with me' said the Tiger

Sang Kancil quickly ran away as fast as he could. The Tiger did not bother to look at Sang Kancil because he was too excited to try the king's cake. When he finally did, he then realized that the cunning mouse deer had tricked him again. With an angry growl, he ran after Sang Kancil.

Sang Kancil and the Magic Belt

The Tiger ran all over the forest and finally caught up with Sang Kancil. “You lousy mousy devil. You will not get away this time. I had enough of your trickery.” The tiger moved slowly and was about to pounce on Sang Kancil, but the cunning mousedeer had another bright idea.

Sang Kancil saw a snake sleeping nearby and decided to use this as another trick. He sat quietly next to the snake and told the Tiger to be quiet. "I am guarding the king's magic belt. Whoever wears it can wish for anything in this world. That's why nobody is allowed to wear it except the king” claimed Sang Kancil

The daft Tiger fell for Sang Kancil's story again. He began to think about how to persuade the mouse deer to let him try it once.

“I know I had been very harsh with you. If you let me wear this belt once, I will not disturb you anymore. Pleaseee. I promise I will return it” pleaded the Tiger.


He's Clever Again, This Mouse Deer

'I am so sorry. I will be in deep trouble if I let you wear the king's magic belt. I rather have trouble with you than with the king' said Sang Kancil.

The Tiger pleaded and pleaded and finally the mouse deer agreed 'But put it on only after I am gone' said Sang Kancil.

The moment the Tiger tried on the 'belt', the snake woke up. The snake was surprised by the Tiger's action and thought the Tiger was about to eat him. He quickly wrapped himself around the tiger's neck and body and bit him hard.

The Tiger was surprised and realized the belt was actually a snake and after a hard struggle, he managed to escape. The Tiger ran through the forest screaming at the top of his voice ' I am going to kill you, you rascal. Ahhhhh'

The wasp nest

The wasp nest

Sang Kancil and The Drum - Another Trickery Mouse Deer Story

The Tiger, although still in pain, ran to look for Sang Kancil and finally found him standing next to what he thought was a wasp's nest. 'OK, now that I have caught up with you, don't give me any more funny story about that thing' as he points his finger towards the wasp's nest. 'It is a wasp's nest, so do not fool me' said the Tiger.

'A wasp's nest? You got to be kidding. This belongs to the king. It is a drum' Sang Kancil said, calmly.

The King's Drum

'The king's drum? It does not look like one' said the Tiger.

“Yes, it is. Even though the king does not allow anyone to hit it, I will let you just to convince you that it is a drum,” said the mouse deer.

'If you say so, I will try' said the Tiger.

'But let me go to that tree over there. I cannot bear to hear the sound. It is too loud for me' said Sang Kancil. In fact, the cunning mouse deer was about to make a dash before the wasps come out.

'Alright' said the stupid Tiger.

The moment the Tiger hit the 'drum', the wasps came buzzing out and started to bite the Tiger. 'Ouch, ouch, ouch. Ohhh I have been tricked again' moaned the Tiger. The Tiger ran, but the wasps continued to chase him. He finally came to the nearest river and jumped in. He stayed underwater for what seems like a long, long time. When he finally emerged from the river the wasps were gone. By then Sang Kancil was already far away and never to be seen.

Bedtime Stories for Kids - Story of Mouse Deer

That's the end of the story of how the cunning mouse deer outwitted and fooled the ferocious Tiger, not once but three times. If you have not read my other children's story on Sang Kancil, the 'Story of Mouse Deer and Crocodile', is another good story. You can click here to read it.

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