Beauty's betrayal

Updated on May 17, 2016

I met her outside of the parking lot at the mall, I swear this girl was as gorgeous as the beginning of fall, her words were kind and she had the voice of an angel, then I thought to myself these are usually the types that end up fatal & dangerous, I didn't care at the time we exchanged numbers and parted our separate ways, I couldn't help but look back and noticed that she was doing same thing, A month went by and everything seemed normal, until I opened up all of the secrets written inside of her journal, I had a plan to make her a part of my future, and all she wanted from me was lust and just something to cling on to, there have been a lot of memories that I don’t look back on, but I won’t forget about this especially or let it happen a second time around, I guess I played the fool and were useful to some, but my heart still continues to beat at the same rhythm of a drum, I've learned my lesson in this twisted factor, to never judge a book by its cover or take for granted the skills of an actor, I must have skipped heaven and ended up straight in hell, where the nice guys strike out from a Beauty's Betrayal...


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