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Beauty Is in the Soul of the One Who Sees It

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


The outer world does not have its own character, either good or bad. It has only the character that we give it with our thoughts.

— Sean Dragon

Respect-less, Human-less

One of the things that used to upset me since, as a young child, I began to observe the world around me, was one of the abilities that we humans have; to create ugliness. I first noticed it in the environment that we create, but as I was growing up, I realised that it was within us and from there it manifests in the outside world. I was very angry with our choice of destroying without thinking about nature, our fellow humans, all creation. As if everything is our property and we have the right to behave as we want, without any respect. As I was growing up, it became apparent to me that the cause of all these was our selfishness. It was then that I first realised who our real enemy is. As I was a young rebel, I declared my personal war on egoism.


War Is Pain

A long time passed, and I suffered a lot of defeats, mostly at an internal and mental level, before I realise that every war will bring only damage and pain. Because when you decide to fight something, it means that you give it substance and strength since you recognise it as a self-contained entity. I understood that any negative reaction is not a solution to any problem and that if we do not change our inner world, nothing can change outside. Finally, I figured out that the beauty or ugliness I see in the world is a reflection of what I have in my Soul. It's like when we wear coloured glasses, and the world gets a colour that is not the real one since we only see it. So the "colour" that our soul gives to the world is what it ultimately appears to us, and that is what we see. Therefore, our soul projects in our eyes the world we see, beautiful or ugly.

The Creator Within

Our Soul is the creator of our body and our world. Our Father-Creator has endowed our Soul with this divine ability of creation so that we can create the world in which we choose to live. And we have the ability to correct our choices as we learn from our mistakes, hence the ability to improve our bodies and our world.

Modern medicine understands and gradually recognises the role of Mind and Soul as the cause of diseases. More and more disorders are associated with psychosomatic causes, and doctors attempt to treat them by changing the attitude of the patient's Soul. So, step by step, modern humans understand that what manifests in the external world as health or illness, as beauty or ugliness is primarily an expression of what we let to grow in our Soul. The thoughts we make, the beliefs we establish, the words we say, the feelings we let grow within us, either as individuals or collectively as the human race, eventually manifest themselves in our body and our world.

If you do not like the world you look at, because it is full of poverty, hunger, pain, crimes, destruction, do not look away from you. We, humans, have filled our Souls with fear, guilt, hatred, grudge, envy. How can our Souls create a beautiful world with such lousy materials? God gave our Soul the divine gift of creation, as we said, but when I choose - because it is my choice - materials like these, my Soul cannot create anything else than illness and degeneration to my body and my world.

Beauty in Soul, Beauty in World

I remember the words of my beloved Master when I asked him how I can learn to see beauty again around me. He had told me:

"Beauty is not in the world. The world is a projection, a picture of the state of the Soul that looks. Beauty is in the Soul of the one who sees it. This is the reason why two people can look at the same thing, and one sees beauty while the other sees ugliness. When you fill your soul with Him who is the source of Love and Beauty, there is no place for anything other than this Love and Beauty. A pure, refreshing, miraculous Love that takes away all negativity, every selfish creation like fear and hatred, and transmits this Beauty to the body and the world. And the magic is that as stronger becomes the Love in your Soul, the stronger its projections are in the world and can influence it more and more positively. More people perceive these robust projections and help them to change their perspective and give them the impetus to choose their own development. "


Therefore, if I want to live in a beautiful world and enjoy it with a healthy body, I have to change within. And this will not happen with war, because a battle with myself it can only enlarge the destruction. You can't fight negative thoughts because they feed and grow up this way, by the negative energy of a fight. You should not let them space to grow. If you fill your Soul and your Mind at all times with thoughts of Love, serving, compassion, understanding, then you do not let room for negativity. Then you feed the Soul-creator with those materials she needs to create a beautiful, peaceful, cheerful, gentle world and a body healthy and strong to enjoy it.

If you and I start the effort, we will give motive to others to do so. Then we will slowly change our whole Soul-of-humanity, and we will be able to see the Paradise again. The Paradise that has always been here, but we stopped being aware of it.


I give my Soul the best materials, and she builds Paradise again for me.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis