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Beautiful Blue

I cut my teeth writing on Hubpages back in 2009. I've written 17 novels, numerous songs, and short stories since. I love to write love.

Looking Down


The Argument

Chase walked away from Linda after a heated argument they'd had a few times before. He wanted her parents to sign the house they were living in and land over to Chase and Linda. Her parents didn't trust Chase and kept the deed in their name but their will left the property to Linda. She stood, holding the front doorknob. She wanted to scream for him to come back but it wouldn't come out. She wanted to run and talk to him but it was like her soul had frozen her body.

He'd left her quite a few other times but this time was different. Just before he got in his car, he stared at her with empty eyes and it made her feel cold inside. Linda stepped to the driveway. She looked down at her sandals and red-painted toenails. She asked aloud, "Why didn't you run to him this time? You know I love him. Why didn't we run?" She watched as he burned the tires of his Dodge Charger, making black marks and squalling the tires. He nearly side-swiped her car as he spun sideways. The cloud of smoke drifted back to her in a breeze as if he was leaving her a memory of anger.

She was motionless as she watched the car disappear down Miller's Road. The tears, the scream for him came rushing out as she ran on the asphalt drive and stood by the mailbox. 28-year-old Linda Browlin was heartbroken again. She cried and repeated over and over, "He'll be back. Chase will be back." She wrenched her hands and noticed her watch. She looked and saw the time was 2:45. Her children would be home from school soon. She thought that Chase might drive past the bus, think of the kids and come back home. She ran back into the house to look in the bathroom mirror and saw her eyes were soaked with tears and red from crying. She used her hair dryer to help dry her eyes.

Linda kept fighting to keep from crying until she saw the bus stop and the kids come running across the yard. 8-year-old Misty was pulling her 6-year-old sister Layla and shouting to their mother, "Momma...I got a gold star on my paper about our ducks!" Linda went to her knees in the grass and hugged both girls as she said, "Wow! A gold star! We will just have to celebrate and order pizza tonight." Layla grinned and asked, "What's a gold star?" Misty put her hands on her hips and said, "You'll find out when you get old like me." Linda laughed and said, "Oh so old baby. Gonna be retired before you know it." Linda took the girls into the house and fixed them a snack. She looked out the window and listened for the rumble of the Dodge Charger.

She cried in the bathroom twice to hide from the children. 5:30 rolled around and Linda called in to order a Pizza at Jolly's Pizzaria. They called back in five minutes and told her that her credit card was denied. She gave them another card number but it was denied also. She offered to pay the driver cash but the manager refused. The bank was closed and Linda couldn't find out why her cards were refused. There had been more than five thousand dollars on her debit card and her credit card had at least two thousand in available credit.

Beautiful Blue Eyes


Oh The Bank

She loaded the girls into their car seats, drove about 4 miles into Pepperton, and paid cash for a pizza at Jolly's. When they returned home, the children were asking about their father. They knew he worked late sometimes so Linda told them he was working. After putting the girls to bed that night, Linda made a few calls to friends and Chase's family members. His favorite cousin to hang out with, Bud Riley, told her that Chase was there around 7:00 but left and claimed he was leaving town. Linda was awake till midnight and her heart raced every time a car with a rumbling muffler went by.

She woke up at 6:30 AM by the alarm, fed the girls, and got them off to school. She was standing at the bank doors when they opened at 9:00. She went straight to an open teller and handed the teller her cards. The teller checked the accounts and told Linda that the debit card account was empty and the credit card was maxed out from a cash withdrawal. It was done at 4:45 the prior day by Chase Browlin. Linda was furious! She stomped out of the bank, to her van, got in, and screamed, "You son-of-a-bitch!" One by one, Chase's selfish moves dropped in her mind...As a boyfriend, he cheated on her. He got drunk and passed out at their wedding. He missed Misty's play because it was his guy's night out.

Chase continued: He bought cigarettes and beer once with their last few dollars when they needed milk and diapers for the girls. He maxed out two credit cards to fix up his classic car. And now...he'd left her with no money and two little girls to raise by herself. Linda sat in her car and cried. As she was blowing her nose, she heard taps on the window. She looked over and saw a Police Officer with a concerned look on his face. Linda rolled down her window and the Officer asked, "Are you OK? I actually heard you scream from my cruiser over there on the corner."

Linda being hurt and embarrassed answered, "Yes. I've just had a very bad morning."The Officer smiled and said, "I've had those mornings too and I have screamed in my vehicle. Sometimes you just have to step off the world and let it spin a few times." Linda half smiled and said, "Thanks...that sounds like a good idea." She could see his ID badge said, "Mark Geisen." He asked, "Are you sure you're going to be OK?" Linda answered, "I think so. I just need to go home. Thank you." Officer Geisen backed away from the van and said, "Oh yeah...don't forget to step back on the world and by the have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen." Linda smiled.



Back to the Farm

She went home to her little 17-acre farm and walked all around the land. She sat by the pond and watched the ducks. She knew a credit crash was coming and thankfully her parents had been wise. She had a home and it was paid for. She still believed Chase would return with his tail between his legs, begging her to take him back but it never happened. It was tough but Linda managed to land a good job at the school where she could be close to the girls. It took her three years to rebuild her credit and she divorced Chase.

It was on a Sunday in July when she received a call from Chase. He was at his cousin Bud Riley's house and wanted to stop by and see HIS girls. Chase claimed he was on his way to a Bahamas vacay with his 22-year-old babe. He also claimed his lawyer was working on his delinquent child support arrangement to pay the state minimum in a lump sum within six weeks. Linda tried to tell him he needed to wait. Chase told her he would be there in 30 minutes and hung up on her.

When Chase pulled in the driveway slowly, Linda saw that he was driving a Lexus. A Police cruiser pulled in behind him and Chase saw there were three other cruisers in their drive and in the yard. He parked the car, got out quickly, and shouted at Linda, "Why did you call the cops? They got nothin' on me!" The Officers that got out of the car behind Chase walked right by him. Linda smiled and said, "They're here for a cookout."

She held out her hand, dropped her fingers, and said, "I'm engaged to one of them. I'm going to be Mrs. Mark Geisen." Chase stood dumbfounded. He mumbled some vulgarities and then demanded to see HIS girls. Linda said, "They aren't here and you will have to make legal arrangements with the court to see them." Just as Chase screamed at Linda, Mark came around the corner of the house from the backyard holding cooking utensils. Mark said, "Ex-husband I presume?" Chase grimaced and snapped, "Not your business pig. I want to see MY girls!"

Chase gently handed the utensils to Linda, stepped up to Chase, and said, "Linda told you to wait. Visitation will be set up by the courts. You abandoned the children and Linda three years ago." Chase puffed up with anger and took a swing at Mark. Chase got Judoed and landed on the hood of his Lexus. Mark twisted Chase's shirt, pulled him face to face, and growled, "If my burgers and hot dogs get too done, I am going to run your ass down and take you to jail." Chase got the message clearly, got in his car, and left. Mark took the cooking utensils back from Linda, grinned, and said, "Sometimes you just have to kick crap off the world and let it spin a few times." Linda's beautiful blue eyes shined with her smile.

And Life Was Yum


© 2022 Tom Cornett

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