Beach Girls - Lost Love Ch 4

Updated on September 9, 2017
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My life is an open book. Each of my stories has a bit of me in them. I love to tell stories. Join me on my journey.


Melissa and Heather stand next to me while Frederick stands in front of me. His friends are at his side. He looks so scared. He doesn’t look ugly but he isn’t handsome not like Michael. He definitely isn’t confident.

Can I be seen with the nerdy crew of the school? He can’t even talk to me. What is everyone going to think of me and in this new school?

Oh my, a bracelet. Just smile. Oh no. He wants to put it on me. I look at Melissa and then at Heather then back to Frederick. Melissa nudges my arm. His hand shakes so bad it won’t fasten the bracelet. I wait.

Can this be happening to me right now? I can’t be a girlfriend to a nerd who can’t even talk to me or put something on me.

Oh my, I can’t keep this. Remember the 5th grade. My mom will kill me. I hold up my wrist to inspect the metal that he has finally gotten fastened to my arm. This looks expensive. If mom takes it, he will never get it back. The thing is heavy on my arm. It’s a thick chain with a smooth surface except for the engraving part of his name. It’s too big, I may lose it. I can’t keep it. I slide it off my wrist watching his face. He looks even more scared now. He knows.

“I’m sorry, I can’t keep this.”

It hurt my heart to see the look on his face. I think I heard his heart break. I can’t stay here in this hall way. I have to leave. I can’t stand to see that hurt. I have to protect my reputation. I can’t go out with a nerd. I won’t.

The next day I’m sitting in class. Home Ec. A classmate slides in next to me. A cute blonde. Why don’t I know her? I have seen her before.

“You know you’re cute.” blondie says.

“Thanks,” I say.

“People should date in their own class. You are not dating in your class.” blondie says as she gets a closer to my face.

“I’m not?” I say.

Nope. But I can help you.”

“You can? How?” I say.

“Meet me at the back of school by the library after class.” blondie looks around to make sure no one heard her.

I have never walked around the school without the side walks. So this seems wrong, seems like sneaking around. What if this is a cruel joke? What if I will get teased for falling for some cruel joke?

As I turn a corner, I see her with a guy. OMG he is very cute. OMG he is lettered. Smile, he is the cute guy in this school. The popular one.

“Hi.” I manage.

He flashes a smile. My heart melts.

“This is Shane. He’s a senior. Say Hi.”

Another smile. “Hi,” Shane says.

His voice sounds like sugar.

She turns him around and lifts his jacket.

“Look at his backside. Delicious right.”

OMG. Now that is a tight butt. My hands really want cup each cheek, to feel the warmth in my hands. He looks over his shoulder at me and catches me appreciating his goods. He twists out of blondie’s hold and takes his jacket off. One step and he stands in front of me, so close.

“Would you like to wear my letter?” Shane says.

He takes it off and puts it over my shoulders. As he does, he brushes one hand along my cheek. The only thing I can do is stare into his sharp blue eyes. How did a hunk of a man find me? How did I get so lucky?

“Will you meet me in the senior parking lot for lunch tomorrow?”

I try to answer, but my voice is lost. I nod my head in response. I get another one of those marvelous smiles. I’m going out with the most popular guy in school!!!!

I fell into a new routine so I could make time to walk to the senior hall to meet Shane at his locker. My day was so much better when I got to see that smile of his, feel his hands hold mine.

“I have something for you.” He says.

“You do?” I can’t hold me excitement. I clasp my hands together, waiting.

“Here, would you wear my class ring?”

My mouth drops open. I hear him laugh a little bit. He snaps me out of whatever trance I’m in with a smooth touch to my cheek. My eyes meet his, those sharp blue eyes.

“Would you go to prom with me?”

I open my mouth to say yes, but no sound comes out so I nod. His hand moves from my cheek to the back of my neck. I watch his mouth as he leans closer.

“Hey, no PDA.” I hear and we both jump back. Oh, I hate that rule right now. No public display of affection. I need a more private place.

“What are you doing tomorrow after school? Come see me practice.” He asks as if reading my mind for some place private.

“I will try to make it.” I agree.

“By the way, please don’t lose my ring. My mom paid a lot of money for it.” He says over the ringing bell. The moment of magic is broken and reality sets in. I put the ring on my finger. Well, how about my thumb then? OK, then on my necklace.

“I won’t. I promise.”

The next day passes quickly as I all I can think of is seeing Shane practice. I almost run to the gymnasium. I watch as the guys push their bodies to the limit. Heat fills my body just watching the way Shane moves. As quickly as practice started, it’s over. I leave the building to wait on him.

“Hey, there you are. I didn’t think you came.” He says. He walks up to me.

“I saw you practice. Amazing.”

“Hey, do you have a ride a home?”

“Yeah, my mom is coming.”

“Can I wait with you?”

“Sure. What do you want to do while we wait?”

“Have you ever been kissed?”


He looks at me as though he doesn’t believe it.


“On the cheek.”

“That doesn’t count.”

Before I could respond, he’s holding me, lips pressed to mine. His touch is soft at first, then deepens as his tongue finds mine. His hands tangle in my hair as he holds my head. As quickly as it started, it ends. He pulls back to look at my face. I get the famous Shane smile. My body responds in a way it has never done before. My stomach does a flip flop and it shows all over my face. I hear him chuckle.

“See you tomorrow, beautiful.”

Chapter 5

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Before you go, tell me Stephanie is being dumb for rejecting Frederick.

Do you want to know why Melissa encourages Stephanie to try on the bracelet from her point of view?

Is it important to know what happened in the 5th grade?

Do you want to know why she accepted the leather bracelet and not the gold bracelet? Does it matter, why?

Does it matter that blondie doesn't have a name?


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