Beach Girls - Lost Love Ch 1

Updated on September 7, 2017
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My life is an open book. Each of my stories has a bit of me in them. I love to tell stories. Join me on my journey.


I push open the gymnasium doors and look up into the bleachers only to find that I am among the first to arrive in the morning. “Great, now begins the debate on who will choose or not choose if the bench I occupy is filled with cooties.” I mumble to no one. I didn’t wait long before next bus arrives.

Half awake students file into the bleachers. I look at the faces of each one to see if they notice me or not. I see her, wide eyed, nervous, scanning the room. She pauses for a minute to decide which row to choose. Her light brown hair pulled back in a ponytails swings as she makes her way. OMG She sits next to me. She has no idea who I am. No history, no knowledge of the rumors. A chance to start the 9th grade fresh. I am lost in my thoughts of how to get her to notice me.

Without warning and to my surprise I hear it. Her bra strap has been snapped by the boy behind her. I turn in horror to discover Michael Green has seen her too. I don’t dare try to defend this beauty and risk my humiliation. I can sit quiet and comfort her later away from prying eyes.

“Please stop,” she says turning to face the boy who has offended her. As soon as she turns around again, I hear it again. I cringe for her.

“I said to stop it.”

The tone in her voice is stern, confident even and little irritated. She doesn’t notice me as I try to make myself invisible. I hear the sound again. Before I can even glance at her reaction, she hops up, turns around and yells at him.

“I mean it when I say stop it. It hurts my skin.”

I turn to see the look on Michael’s face. The same look I get every time before I’m pushed aside and disregarded, mischievous and wicked look. Her eyes flame up. Those bright blue eyes are fixed on Michael. She raises her arms to bring them down on his head and shoulders so fast while she’s yelling at him.

She notices that she has made him cover his head and duck down in the bleachers. She stops and looks around at a full gymnasium of her classmates. In a loud, stern tone voice, she announces.

“Keep your hands to yourself or you will be sorry.”

She plops down in her seat, “Childish.”

I take a chance to look at her. I can hear her breathing hard from the effort. She stares out into the basketball court area at nothing in particular as she tries to compose herself. She is breathtaking to watch. She must have sensed me watching her, I see her cut her eyes at me without turning her head. My heart does a flip in my chest.

“How am I supposed to concentrate on Algebra, with Coach Miller of all people, when she sits in the front row?” I say.

My best friend joins me over lunch at our usual lunch room table. Steve, Henry, and Robert look across the room to find Stephanie eating alone.

“Dude she looks nervous. I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you just talk to her.” Steve says.

“Look, I can’t talk to her by myself. You all know this about me, You have to help me.” I can feel the panic rising and my palms getting sweaty.

“We’ll come up with something. Right now we have to get to class.” Robert says as he stands to clear to his tray.

Coach Miller scribbles on the chalkboard the equation of something. My ears stop hearing as I watch Stephanie's laser focus on the board. When he turns around to announce that this will be on the quiz I need to know this information. I raise my hand.

“Can you show us how to do the equation again.”

“What are you, stupid? Pay attention next time!” Coach Miller barks.

Oh crap, I’m failing this class. I have no idea how the rest of the class went, but I notice Stephanie talking to Melissa. I can’t hear the words, but the look on her face is pure distress. I don’t see her again until after school. She gets on the bus next to mine. I can see her through the windows. She even sits in the front row of the bus. My stomach flops over. My palms start to sweat. Mesmerized by her beauty, I can’t look away, but I have to sink into the seat when she looks around to discover who is watching her.

Chapter 2

Continue reading chapter 2.

Before you go, let me know what you think about Stephanie. Should she have treated Michael differently?

Do you think Frederick's friends should have helped him more to convince Stephanie to join them at lunch?


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    • profile image

      Bella Allred 5 months ago

      Not bad, I don't usually like romance novels but I find myself intrigued. It seems as though I may have to go on to chapter 2. ;)

      -Much love,


    • profile image

      J B Jacobs 5 months ago

      I'm excited you enjoyed chapter one. Hang on to your pants, this is a whirl wind of a story. Don't give up on Frederick though.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 5 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This story actually got me in, now I have to go to Chapter two to find out how Frederick got on and if Stephanie noticed him...damn. Well written and enjoyable.