Beach Girls - Lost Love Ch 7

Updated on September 9, 2017
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My life is an open book. Each of my stories has a bit of me in them. I love to tell stories. Join me on my journey.


A cold chill runs down my spine even though I’m not cold. Working from home has its benefits. I look at the computer time. I usually get up early, but I don’t have to and since I'm planning on staying up for a while longer, more than likely I will not be up for my morning run.

OK, Internet. Give me what you have stored.

The house is very quiet except for the clicking of keyboard keys; information is displaying on the screen. Not even freckles the cat dares to go near the keyboard at this pace of typing.

It can’t be you; the same girl. Can it be ? After all these years? OH MY GOD! You came back to me!

I sump in my chair closing my eyes. All the memories come flooding back. My eyes spring open with a new thought.

Why now? Stephanie you are a journalist. You dig up information. What do you know? You didn't want me in high school but yet you find me on a dating site. You give me this whole bit about being new to online dating. What are you after?

I didn’t sleep well. I rub my eyes to bring my sight into focus despite the bright sun streaming into my bedroom. Stumbling to kitchen, hitting the on switch for the preset coffee machine, and digging around in the refrigerator for eggs, I start my morning routine. Stephanie is never too far from my thoughts, but after each memory a heavy sigh is heard by freckles who responds by rubbing my legs. Settling at my desk with eggs and coffee in hand, I notice I have a message. I open it.

Thank you for being patient with me about this online dating thing. I did enjoy myself and it’s better to wake up in my own bed without a hangover. Remind me to thank my friend, Melissa, for telling me about the free weekend hook up. I would like to get to know you better.

What if she doesn’t remember me? Have I changed that much since since high school? Graduation couldn’t come fast enough that year. OK, breathe, this is the new me. But this is Stephanie.

It appears yet another club goer has been corrupted by this new Internet fad. :) Maybe later we can share favorite activities outside of our computer work. You already know about beach walking. I also enjoy camping, but not fishing. Your turn.

The whole day had been torture. I check my messenger again. Nothing. Maybe I need to take some vacation time to sort out my thoughts instead of trying to work and failing at it. Then, a bing. I nearly jump out of my chair with excitement.

Camping. HMM it's been years since I did that. I have gotten quite spoiled in basic lighting and running water. I have never been fishing. I’m not sure I would like to kill a worm to feed it to a fish on metal hook. OK, so let me think for a minute…. I like to spend time with friends over a meal. Drunk board games are fun especially if it's raining outside.

Frederick: Which board games have you played drunk?

Let’s see, we used to play Trouble, Monopoly, Life. This is fun to remove clothing when something bad occurs on a roll.

Frederick: You say “used to” as if this will never happen again.

I haven’t “hung” with the gang for several years now. It’s been Heather and Melissa for a long time. But I think Melissa has been drifting the last few months. Growing up you know.

Frederick: Pardon me while I slide into a deeper topic. Have you thought about the stress of all of these life changes? Changing jobs is a major one and moving to a new place is a big one, and you have done both at the same time. Do you have a plan or something?

I don’t usually plan out my personal life events. Never really had to. I had so many friends in my group in high school, everyone joked that they had to book my attention. It got to the point after graduation it was easier for all of us to do the same thing and then rotate houses. We had some pretty epics get togethers.

Oh the memories. I got lost in the crowd. She never even knew I was there. Is she rubbing it in? Does she know it’s me or just some random guy?

Are you still there?

Frederick: Yes, sorry I was searching my hard drive. Will you share a photo of you doing something away from your computer?

Oh let me look for something.

Frederick: OK, while you look I will this one over.

Is that you with the giant scissors?

Frederick: Yes it was my grand opening for my company 7 years ago.

You own a company? Wow. That is a great accomplishment. So here is my photo.

Frederick: What kind of award is that?

When I was in college, I won first place for a creative writing competition.

Frederick: That must have been some story. I would like to read it sometime.

Even in college she drew the crowds. First place. High recognition for great work. Will she think I’ve accomplish a lot if she finds out I made my money by accident? Or does she know and she is trying to wedge her way in to claim it?

I’m surprised you care. Most people just raise their eyebrows or give a high five for making the medal.

Frederick: Well, I’m not just anyone. After all, I AM a prospective boyfriend and what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t care about your passions or accomplishments?

I think my cat could hear my heart pounding. What was I thinking by typing that? Here is where I get rejected and all things go back to the way they were. Breathe, don’t forget you need air.

So, that is what the purpose is of this online dating concept? People come on here to find the long-term relationships? I thought this was a new way of hooking up. You know having some thrill of anaminity.

OH GOD, she only wants one thing.

Frederick: I can’t speak for others. I know what I want. I don’t usually play games to get it.

What do you want?

OH Crud, Here is it comes, brace yourself. Hold on heart. I can do this.

Frederick: How about we do this instead. Tell me where do you see yourself in 5 years in your personal life? I know you said you don’t plan so give it some thought.

Hhmm…. Yeah, that one is a pretty deep question. So let’s see in 5 years, I will be 35. GOD, that sounds so old. I suppose I have to decide pretty quick if I want babies. I feel like I haven’t lived enough yet to be able to settle down with a husband and babies. Five years go by so fast. I mean I always saw myself as the domestic type, but now when you ask… dunno I feel like I’m running out of time. All this time I think this has been in the back of my mind. I have just never voiced it and now I think I may burst into tears.

Frederick: OH MY, I’m so sorry. I thought I would get a vague off hand answer. Please forgive me.Forget the 5 year goal. If you had enough money to never work a day in your life, what would you do?

OH that one is easy. I would travel to all kinds of different places and see all the sights and write articles of my adventures. Its part of the reason why I took this job. They pay for my expenses when I travel for an assignment. So until I have enough money put aside to do my own traveling to live anywhere, I have to be close for the staff meetings. I can’t do that remote which is why I left my hometown.

If you will let me into into your heart, I will take you anywhere your heart desires.

Frederick: Following dreams is tough sometimes. And at that, I will say good night, sweetheart.

OH Crud, no no no I can’t I believe I slipped. Please don’t notice.

Whoa, no way mister. You can’t say good night then call me an endearing name. Besides you haven’t said what it is you want.

Frederick: Fair enough. I’m looking for a girlfriend with the following traits: loyal, loving, honest, open minded, fun-loving, and outgoing who will stick around long enough to consider becoming my wife. I called you sweetheart because it's true. We have only been talking for two nights and you given me so much of your personal life already. It's true you know. You have a sweet heart, but its easier to say sweetheart.

Consider my mind blown. No guy has ever spoken to me like you are doing now. I will treasure these words and think on them as I drift off to sleep. Good night.

Frederick: Good night, sweetheart.

Be still my heart. Breathe! I’m definitely not sleeping tonight for sure.

Chapter 8

Continue reading Chapter 8.

Before you go, tell me what you think about this new budding online relationship.

Will Frederick find his confidence around Stephanie? Its been years and they aren't in high school any more.

Do you think she knows its him and should he tell her? or wait until their first face to face date?

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