Beach Girls - Lost Love Ch 6

Updated on September 7, 2017
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My life is an open book. Each of my stories has a bit of me in them. I love to tell stories. Join me on my journey.


Years later

The sun is bright and warm for a March day. A new city. A new career. A fresh start.

Is that even possible at 30 years old?

Won’t know until you try. I get out of the car and walk up the steps to my new apartment door. Stepping inside, I see all the boxes the movers have left behind. I let out a sigh thinking of all the hard work it will take to create a cozy environment. First things first, the computer and office desk. It doesn’t take long to set up and soon I’m checking email, of course, Melissa has sent a message. Always the good friend to check on me. I write her back.

No, I haven’t met any beach bums yet, I just got here a few minutes ago. Nothing is unpacked. How would I make a romantic dinner while still being packed up?

I let out a sigh thinking about how lonely it will be without her here.

Who will come with me to the clubs to meet the guys who are looking to get laid for the night?

Another sigh as I realize, it might be awhile before I get laid. One night stands are great for releasing all the tension but lousy for anything more intimate.

Is that what I need? Someone who will be there in the morning? Someone, to make me coffee or breakfast the next day? What about someone who never leaves? Am I ready for that?

I miss you already. I’m not looking forward to the weekend. I will miss our outings the most.

I hit the send button. I get up to find the leftover snack food from the road trip. I find a bag of chips, then hear my computer announce a new arrival of digital mail. Melissa must have been at her computer.

Since I can’t be there to help you weed through all the jerks, try finding a great guy online. SOUL Mate is having a free hookup weekend. So get your profile out there and start meeting guys. I expect all the juicy details.

Three hours and 120 questions later, I’m looking at dozens of male faces. I click a few links. Read the about me sections.

Seriously, does every guy in this town, enjoy parasailing hiking and parkour?

Typing in new keywords to focus on hobbies, I get a new set of faces. I scroll, his nose is too big, too tall, too young, way too old. I sigh.

This is worse than the meat markets back home.

In addition to hobbies, I refine my search by age and height. I don’t want to think about how to solve issues with a three-foot difference between us. Here’s one. It reads: Software engineer as occupation, hobbies include running, walks on the beach preferably with a partner, stargazing, quiet dinner for two. I click on the send message link.

Hello, I couldn’t help noticing you enjoy walks on the beach with a partner. I will volunteer to be that partner if you will have me.

I sit back in my chair to think about a nice breeze coming from the ocean air as my toes sink into the soft sand. It’s been a long time since I lived near a beach, a real beach. Glancing at the computer time, I realize the hour.

“You time sucking machine. I missed dinner because of you. No wonder I’m filling up on empty carbs.”

I say to my apartment walls. As the sound echoes off the bare walls, I shiver at the feeling of being alone. Accessing my playlist on my phone, I attempt to change the mood with music. After a boxed meal in the microwave, I sit back down at my computer to complain very loudly in computer speak to my best friend that online dating is worse than club hooking up. Before I can begin to type; however, I see a new message on my profile.

I’m shocked you noticed. I have had this account for so long, I forgot about it. I don’t currently have a beach walking partner. I like to know more about the person I ask to join to me on this type of activity. May I contact you outside of this platform?

Well mannered, complex sentence structure - educated. This new thing might be exciting.

You may contact me on my instant messenger. Handle=bookworm69

My first online date. I suppose. The mystery is intoxicating. The thrill of talking to a stranger with no harm if they reject you. The computer flashes its famous blinking notification of a new message.

I’m sure you get this all the time….. Why bookworm69?

Stephanie: Well to say it -- I suppose it's a little embarrassing. I am a journalist and author but I also love to read. When I created the handle at that time, I had published a combination of 69 articles, blog posts and books. Most times I don’t have to explain it. I just get odd looks or crude comments for it.

So why not change it.

Stephanie: I have had it for so long now. I have a rather large contact list. It's more trouble than it’s worth at this point. It almost fun to watch reactions of those I give it to now. Those that I known a long time or who know me well, never thought about it in a kinky kind of way.

In the effort to avoid any more embarrassment, I won’t reveal the thoughts I had when I saw your handle.

Stephanie: I suppose I’m rather grateful for the veil of the computer screen to shield my blush.

Causing you to blush, was NOT my intention.

Stephanie: I’m not sure what I expected. This whole online dating, chatting with strangers on my computer. Well it’s very new. In fact, you are the first stranger I have talked to in this fashion.

OH MY. It’s a rare thing indeed to find an online dating virgin.

Stephanie: Well that is certainly a way to put it. My face may burst into flames any minute if this continues. In an effort to change the subject, how is this usually done? Are there a million and one questions that are exchanged?

My personal experience has been combing through a profile, asking questions and moving on to what if’s. More pics are exchanged other than profile ones to be sure the person on the other end isn’t bluffing.

Stephanie: Oh this is way more complicated and involved. And it is definitely WAY more than I have ever shared with someone I pick up at a bar or even someone who I play with for an evening.

There is something to be said about the longevity of online relationships for sure.

Stephanie: I suppose it depends on what you are looking for.

Have I scared you off before we have even begun anything at all.

Stephanie: No, not scared off. I am just not sure about my comfort level of sharing my private life with a perfect stranger who I haven’t even met in person.

HHMM. I am not sure of my comfort level in meeting someone in person without knowing a little more about who they are and what they like. So, how about this proposal? We will only ask questions that would be asked if we were out in public in a non dating situation.

Stephanie: I think I am comfortable with this arrangement. Maybe as I get accustomed to this new way, my comfort level will increase.

I’m looking forward to it. So to start, I will reveal a little about me. I live in an house in San Francisco, CA for 6 years. I am a software engineer by day.

Stephanie: OK *deep breath* I can do this. :) I live in an apartment in San Francisco, CA for 8 hours.

Welcome to San Fran. Where did you move from?

Stephanie: I used to live Tulsa, OK. for 18 years. I left behind all my childhood friends and family.

Oh really, what high school did you attend? You must be real sad right now. Did work move you?

Stephanie: I went to Elmore High. I changed jobs so I had to relocate. I’m so sorry. I just realized the time. I have an early morning meeting. I must cut our conversation short tonight. I will admit this has been more pleasant that fighting my way through to the bar for a drink. Good night.

*smiles* Good night.

Looking around the room, I discover that none of my business clothes have been unpacked or pressed. It may be an all-nighter to prepare for tomorrow.

Chapter 7

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Before you go, tell me if you like the mystery of the guy she found online.

Do you think Stephanie should be this shy when it comes to sharing life details online?

Should the guy just come out and say his name? or better yet just meet her in person?

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