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Batman vs. Barbie

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Luke works as a middle school English, ELD, Social Justice, and Mindfulness teacher in the sanctuary city, San Jose, CA.


Action Figures

When I was a boy,
I led a toy army
against a blonde witch
whose name was beach Barbie.


Barbie Dolls

She sat up high
in her little pink chair
mocking my men
and brushing her hair.

Lego Batman

I captured her castle
with the very best clan--
a legion of Legos
and leader, Batman.

Super Hero

He was clearly invincible
as any might find
a boy's favorite hero
built up in his mind.



He had a cool cruiser
that could drive on the walls
making black tracks
down my mom's halls.



To an outside observer
my room was a mess,
but I guarantee you
it was set up like chess.


Sometimes the battles
would last a whole day--
a moment to me,
a boy lost in play.

Batman Army

When Batman had won
and the Barbie was slain
I'd gather my heroes
and start up again.


Batman Beats Joker and Meets Barbie

© 2017 Luke Holm


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    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 3 months ago

      Childhood is awesome :)

    • johnmariow profile image

      John Gentile 3 months ago from Connecticut

      You're very welcome. When I was young, I use to play cowboys and Indians in a small wooded lot near my home.

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 3 months ago

      Thank you, John. It's a true story of my pass times as a young boy. I used to have so much fun!

    • johnmariow profile image

      John Gentile 4 months ago from Connecticut

      Cute and imaginative. A fascinating look into a child's fantasies.

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 4 months ago

      Sakina, I'm glad this was able to bring you back. It wasn't "cool" to play with Barbies, so she was always the villain in my games. I used to spend days playing mock battles. Ah, to be young and full of imagination :)

    • SakinaNasir53 profile image

      Sakina Nasir 4 months ago from Kuwait

      Hahah! I had great fun reading this poetry Luke! :) Love your imagination and how you have used the words to achieve this beautiful rhyme scheme. Love it! Me and my sister played a lot with Barbies and doll houses. This piece reminded me of my childhood. :) God bless you!

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 4 months ago

      Thanks, whonu. I remember passing entire days in pure imagination. Now I am able to do that through my writing, but it's never the same. Like a good book, I got sucked into the experience. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope this poem brought back wonderful moments in your childhood as well :)

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 months ago from United States

      Our childhood memories are a delight when we remember the fun times. A well-written piece my friend. Blessings. whonu