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As a Baker Street Revisited


It starts off with the shrilling sound of a sax and echos into the night,

Soft bongos beat in time, a saddened voice tells of a story so right.

A Baker street serenade is sung softly, with its resonating musicality,

How life seems so forlorn at times, and yet hope seems to be bright.


The sad song tells of a remorse and that life seems to be so down,

The sights of a street common in our times, is so easy to be found.

The Sax, electric guitar, screams a message into the evening's air,

A rhythmic balance of reeds resonating, drums beat, extraordinaire.


A Baker Street, its melodious refrain, shares an empathetic revelation,

Its sharp chords, their modulation, seems as a nocturnal compilation.

A Sing-song adagio tempo, its cadence so simple and is so complete,

Song of melancholy, mood so resolved, our awaiting senses to greet.


Every town, both the large and small, has its Baker Street, it's around,

A pale moon's light, casts shadows in the night, as we hear its sound.

Echoing its tale of woe and sadness, sent on breezes, are carried aloft,

Those who hear, a sincerity, caressed by our thoughts, in tones so soft.



all rights reserved and under copyright law 2016


© 2016 whonunuwho

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