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Baby Charlie - Who Decides When a Terminally Ill Patient Must Die?


Who decides?

When a terminally ill patient should die

No one’s fooled when the plug is pulled

It’s tragic and cold

Whether young or old

Proclamations of that “better place”

The tears on a mother’s face

Homes left with an empty space

Despite the futility

And little chance of recovery

Hope shines from the moments of stability

Critical care

No longer there

Just a lengthy “wait and see”


From the left and right

Day and night

Let them pass, or watch them fight

In and out of consciousness

Analyzing cognizance

Medical charts have no heart

No soul, no art

A personalized diary called “end of days”

Medical considerations

Experimental medications

Applications and expectations

Reservations and variations

Circling back to a permanent vacation

And that uncomfortable realization

That every crossing has been crossed

Tried them all, ignored the cost

Yet the moment still is lost

Is it time?

Is it a crime?

Who decides?

When a terminally ill patient should die?

Is it you?

Or I?