Autumnal Leaves

Updated on June 29, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Is it any wonder that I prefer to live in my fantasy world? One where you and I walk hand-in-hand through piles of autumn leaves, the sun glinting through the thinning forest canopy. I push you down into a drift of crunchy brown and orange maple leaves.

You giggle and throw handfuls at me. We wrestle about, and I shove a number of these down the back of your shirt; you do the same to me. Then, we fall in the blanket of these gorgeous autumn colors laughing, embracing, and kissing. We roll over to watch the leaves descend from the branches above caught up in the fading rays of the sun, the chilly fall breeze shaking loose more of the forest's golden kites.


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 10 months ago from Australia

      Hi Brett. Loved the colours in your image. It drew me in.

      I, too, have recently found poetry and it has surprised me since I could not really relate to it previously. But now? It allows me express my feelings in a way that is more complete than text in an article. It seems poetry has found you, too.

      Here's to us writing more poetry!

      PS. Autumn has become my most favourite season.