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Audrey’s Shrewd Ma

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Introduction to Audrey’s Parents

Audrey’s Dad couldn’t get along well with Audrey’s Ma for a long time. That is understood because Audrey’s Ma was too evil and cunning.

When Audrey was born, her parents divorced after many heated and bitter arguments. Audrey had no memory of this, and Audrey’s Ma took the opportunity to brainwash her that her Dad was insincere and dishonest – so they got a divorce. Being little and not knowing anything, Audrey believed her completely.

Audrey’s Ma

Audrey’s Ma

Audrey’s Early Life

Audrey was going to school and waded up as years passed by. Her mom did help with her studies and homework and cooked meals as well. She managed to cater for the family’s expenses by working from home.

Audrey Admitted to a University

Audrey finished High School and was on the way to university. Her university life began soon. She studied in the IT department and was fully absorbed in her studies when a guy from her department picked her up. They didn’t go out to dine but met each other in various areas of the university when the two had a loud dispute because the guy was seeing someone else.

Adult Audrey in University

Adult Audrey in University

Audrey’s Graduation

Audrey broke up with him and continued to put renewed efforts in her studies and finally, she felt her efforts were fruitfully rewarded when a graduate certificate was conferred upon her.

About Audrey’s Crush

On the other hand, her initial crush was broke, did not complete his studies and was a dropout. But he didn’t forget Audrey. He contacted Audrey’s Ma and expressed his love for Audrey. He bluffed that he too was a graduate. Audrey's Ma was obsessed with this guy and felt that he would be the right match for Audrey. Audrey's Ma even arranged for him to stay in the same complex. That’s when troubles started brewing for Audrey and Ma.

Audrey Joined a Good Job

Audrey returned home and started applying for jobs. There was a hard competition in the job market. But Audrey was lucky to get three interviews. She was accepted into two of the companies. Finally, she made a decision and joined one of them.

About Audrey’s Job

It was a 9a.m-5p.m job. It was initially exhausting for Audrey but soon she got habituated to the pattern and everything was looking good and worthwhile.

Audrey’s Ma Talked About the Proposal

Audrey’s Ma made the offer to her daughter one day that her crush was willing to marry her. Audrey got offended and told her the whole story that he was broke, dropout and a cheater, and she had no interest in him. It was a big “No” from her.

Audrey’s Ma Reported to the Crush

Audrey’s Ma went to the guy in question and gave him the bad news. The guy was disappointed – at least he showed so. Audrey’s Ma still allowed him to stay in the complex and said she would see what she could do.

Audrey’s Ma’s Burgeoning Romance

From time and again, Audrey’s Ma met the guy to discuss various stuff, including her day to day life’s problems. Then one day, the unexpected happened. The guy kissed Audrey’s Ma. She, not having a man in her life for too long, jumped in ecstasy. She was filled with emotions and wanted to kiss him again and again, which she did. And coming back to her senses, she hurriedly left his place.

Audrey’s Ma’s Scandal Became Widespread

Soon Audrey’s Ma met the guy from time to time in the same complex as usual and continued to have oral sex.

But one day the cat was out of the bag. Someone in the complex, a lady neighbor noticed what was happening through the open windows and immediately reported it to the complex's committee in charge. Soon it was the gossip of the whole complex, and Audrey came to know about it too.

Audrey’s Realization

It was then the real personality of her Ma became obvious to Audrey. That her Dad was a sufferer, not a cheater was obvious to her now. She wanted to leave the complex, but where would she go?

Audrey Found a Way-Out

She went to her office very miserably one day when a guy at the office noticed her. He asked her what the problem was as she looked very sad. The guy was a good one, Audrey found out, and she started conversing with him daily. They became close eventually sharing each other’s life stories.

Then one day the grand thing happened. The guy at the office proposed to Audrey. Audrey was really happy to say a “yes" and added that she would not like to have a marriage ceremony, but rather go for a court marriage. She would let her Ma know anyway.

Audrey Got Married in Court

The big day arrived when Audrey and her would-be hubby met at the court and had a court marriage. They were announced, husband and wife. And they were gleefully happy!

Audrey and Her Hubby Together

They had already rented out an apartment and had it furnished beforehand. It was near to their office as well. Life turned out to be wonderfully well and happy for the couple. The husband Audrey chose for herself was indeed a right match. They had good chemistry and compatibility as well.

Audrey Took Maternity Leave

Well, Audrey and her husband continued to work at the office. Audrey was expecting a child. Her hubby was thrilled! As the date of birth for the baby became closer, Audrey took maternity leave from her office.

A girl was born to the couple and to celebrate the super wonderful news, Audrey’s hubby distributed sweets in the neighborhood and at the office.

Audrey Rejoined Office

Audrey was recovering and getting better day by day when her leave expired, and she joined the office again. Her colleagues flocked to greet her warmly. It was another one of her happy moments.

Audrey Got an Emergency Call

She continued to work along with her hubby at the same office for two more years when she discovered she was expecting a second child. As she left for home from the office that day with her hubby, she was breaking the wonderful news to him, when an emergency call rang on her phone. What was it?

Audrey’s Ma Passed Away

Audrey’s Ma left the world for good. Audrey was stoic at the news, neither happy nor sad. She and her hubby decided to go back to her old place the next day and attend the funeral ceremony. After all, her Ma was her Ma, shrewd or not, she consoled herself.


Audrey, on the other hand, was happy to have a burgeoning family. Now that her Ma was deceased and that she had an excellent hubby by a stroke of great luck, she still had many brilliant opportunities to look forward to in the future. Yes, she was a fortunate and jubilant girl indeed!

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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