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Determination and Persistence or Stupidity and Manipulation

Stephanie's Story

Back in the mid '90s things had gotten really rough for Stephanie. So bad that food and bathroom tissue had become luxuries. Everyday she left the house to go to work knowing that she might not have enough gas to get there and get back home but she went anyway.

On this particular day she stopped at the post office to check her mail box in the hopes that there may be a paycheck from an odd job or something. As she pulled the car into the parking lot her stomach was just gnawing with hunger. She dumped her purse and searched the car. Forty five cents was all she could find. She decided maybe she could get a pack of crackers or a little gas. Forty five cents in gas would at least get her just a little bit closer to town.

She was so hungry that as she turned the engine off, she said a little prayer to God or the powers that be in the universe. "I have to eat, please help me," she said silently.
As she got out of her car, she saw a man who lived across the street waving to her. She waved back and went in the post office.

Bounty From The Earth

Maybe Today

"Nope, no money today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow," she thought, as she got back in her car. As she sat in her car ready to go across the street and get the few cents worth of gas she noticed in the side mirror that the man she had waved to was coming towards her car with one hand behind his back. That’s strange she thought as she watched him come up to her window. She had no fear as this was a little rural town where bad things hardly ever happened.

Just as he got there he thrust out his hand. It was brimming full of fresh picked raspberries. "I thought you’d like these," he said.

She was stunned and awed at how quickly the universe had provided fresh fruit from the bounties of the earth and how a man she hardly knew had been open to receiving the message to bring her a handful of berries. She almost cried as she explained to him that she had just said a prayer asking for something to eat.

Okay, so now she can get the forty five cents in gas and have breakfast.

It Will Come Back

Across the street at the gas station she pulled up to the pump. She was not embarrassed to only get a few cents worth of gas; she’d done it many times.

An old family friend whom she’d known all her life walked up just as she was ready to hang up the gas nozzle. He looked at the pump. "Forty five cents? Girl, you can’t get nowhere on forty five cents worth of gas," he said. She explained that she was just trying to get to work. He thrust a five dollar bill in her hand. She thanked him and promised she’d give it back. He told her "Forget it, it’ll come back someday.

Crisis Ended, Prayer Answered

And so her crisis for that morning was solved. It was payday and she knew she’d be able to get back home.

Her life had always been filled with happenings such as this and she constantly wondered, "Don’t these same things happen to everybody and they just don’t recognize them as miracles or they don’t pay attention to them or is it just me? Is there something wrong with my thinking or my thought processes? What gives?"


There had been one person in her life that used to constantly complain and tell her she was just using people. She never agreed with him. He just did not understand. She had never been able to convince him that when she left the house the thought never crossed her mind about whom or what would provide what she needed. She just knew that there were things that had to be done and she didn’t care what she had to go through to get it done as long as it was honest. It simply had to be done.

She had to get to work or she had to check on one of her children, it didn’t matter, it had to be done. She simply believed that whatever it was would get done and she wouldn’t give up. She called it determination.


There may be times in life that things have gotten done when there was seemingly no earthly way to do it. Was it simple determination and persistence or was it a heartfelt desire that you just could not give up on?

Just setting your mind on a task and not giving up will get it done. If what you desire does not manifest for some reason, look for the new opportunity that will appear when that door closes.

There may be times too, when you feel that you have persisted to the point of stupidity, but it will usually be at that point in time there is a break through.

The law of attraction may guide you in the right direction. You must be open minded to the fact that we do not know everything there is to know about this universe. There are many things I'm sure we may be better off not knowing but there are others that once learned can quickly become a way of life. Affirmations and constantly repeating the same words over and over may not work for everyone. There is merit in giving it your best try or at least for eighteen days. Supposedly anything done for eighteen days in a row becomes a habit and is then an automatic action.

Author's Note

Simply the fact that you are reading this is example enough. Fifty years of writing, all in long hand, filling notebook after notebook and believing in a higher power that was within has brought this article and hundreds of others to people that will read them and understand every word.

So you decide — determination and persistence or stupidity and manipulation?

© 2015 Gracie L Sprouse

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