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As We See Fit

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I am this moment
this second, this pause
this flow of energy
of sights and sounds
and surroundings
and feelings.

I am this being
these fingers and bones
this mind and heart
these eyes and ears
this body
this existence.

I feel the world as it passes
the sounds go through me
the light enters my eyes
without judgement
without acknowledgement
fleeting yet held

We all are part and parcel
of humanity, of equality
of compassion and caring
of flight or fight
we choose to be
we choose to act
we choose everything.

We are not victims
we are in charge
we are in command
we will do as we see fit
so see fit
and do it.

Be not afraid
to act, to speak
to show your convictions
to not weep and feel wronged
but instead to rise
and conquer
and better this world.

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