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Updated on June 25, 2018
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Archie here... I’m not a good writer like you but then i challenge myself to write something else.

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masky’sWrite Story



" I was at the bay shore this afternoon of Saturday for I don't know where to go and i want to run for a while to scape from my ups and downs worries, I'm walking lonely at myself alone and I don't care where I will be gone by my feet but I will follow the direction of the winds ; I need to breath-out and let go the ruins of my broken from all the mistakes I did and behind those liar's cues...i want to scape from the things that made me sicked and tired as slave of my own trials. "
" I’m not a coward,
I never been in too much sadness and hurt;
I never been in twirling water and drawn...
How will I survive? "

“The blue water's cold at my feet
Sands and little shells are my companions,
I hear the sound of waves in the ocean
While the wind's blows upon my lonely afternoon;
I'm cold and I felt my regrets
Where is my true destiny?, in my silent question...
How can I Ease my long sadness and worries?
To have my long-lost life again that I missed now.

I walked with the sound of wind’s blows and waves
I looked back at my footprints I left in my shadow,
I saw the curves of my own mistakes
I remembered how I’m being insensitive to you;
I shout out my real shames
in the sunset watching at my most supernova blue...
" Hear my agony, it breaks my sanity "
it must the only way to let go the beast inside me; my tears fall.

My head is down stares in water above my knee
it takes long of reminiscing all the faults I have done...
The beast of my life is all just for me
and the cure to my insanity I had suffered is how can I overcome;
things went wrong and I had lost my dignity
I tried my best to bring it back again even your love,
but sorry is not enough to a chance I cried
when I had realized it cannot comeback again anymore; I’m done "

I saw my mirror in waving water
I seen the unclear broken picture of myself,
I saw ugly struggling stranger
I can't see myself in shaded by the shadow of my head;
I never seen the person I am before
I can't see the smiles that always appear on my face...
I don't know who is that beast in there
I am not sure who is that person I am staring in shore.

" I Hate my Lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........."

I shouted all my damns to break out my cracks and to kill the unwanted ghost screaming inside my soul, i blew my last breath of snake's mad and breath again for my eagle's fly.
I never look back again into my squids that mark ink in my skin and still bleeds in black, it reminds me of thunder storms at my respects...It is cry of rain trade for my fire of sun and i don’t mind, it's just colliding questions for my fail triumph; everything happened in my past is like dreaming milk and chocolate in sleeping couch and cushions and beast against angels; I looked forward "

" Sunset is gone and hide the mysteries of light, it rest in hinds chest of darkness and wake up again in adorable clouds of new morning high, i have to go home now after kicking my upset to changes of my new quest; i better leave the strange quotation and the beast. "

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      • theMASK29 profile imageAUTHOR


        8 months ago from SR Nueva Ecija Philippines

        Wewww! I need to upgrade my right grammar in english...can you fix some x’s lines for me?


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