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Ariel's First Day at School


Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. effects are measured by people touched throughout eturnity.

The room number over the open door gave Ariel a partial sigh of relief, finally finding her last class of the first day. As she entered the girls in the front glanced at her, then went back to their discussion, so she walked by and headed towards the back of the room. Finding an open desk she quickly sat down, and opened her ring binder and bean to doodle, trying to become invisible. Soon more students filed in, and found seats, as the bell rang.

“Good afternoon class. Welcome to final period. I am Ms. Chambrey; your English II instructor.” A groan came across the room, and she smiled. ”Yes, am your English teacher but I hope in time you will become as enamored with English as I am. Ariel looked at the other students and then back at the teacher, as she continued, “Today I thought we might start off in discussion of something fun.” The class all looked at her bewildered. “How many of you believe in mythical creatures?” She began.

Some of the boys in the back chuckled aloud, “We have fairies in this school but there not mythical,” as others joined in the laughter. Ariel tried to make herself smaller.

Ms Chambrey gave them a stern look “You will not speak out of turn or you will receive demerits towards your grade, and you will not make defaming comments about others.” She regained her composure and began again, “now who has something related to the topic they wish to share?”

A red-headed girl in the front of the class raised her hand. “Yes, please, and you can start by giving your name for the class as well.”

“I’m Heather, and um well I think there are such beings around, it’s like you know when you’re doing something and you feel something touch your skin or like on the back of your neck, you know?”

Ms, Chambrey smiles, “That’s very good Heather, and yes I understand what your talking about. “

“Its like um,: she continued, you feel something touch you and you turn and nobody’s there.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” a tall boy in the back offered, “it’s just your invisible friend.” He laughed out loud, joined by the boys next to him.”

“And your name sir if you would please for the class?” Ms. Chambrey retorted.

“Kenneth, ma-am I’m Kenneth Drummond, Sr. and captain of the football team, homecoming king and all that” he laughs further.

“Indeed,” she smiled, “and I thought the king was voted on, when homecoming is closer. I am glad to hear you are on the football team, but if you speak out you will add demerits to your grade and if you get too many and your grade drops; you wont “Be” on the football team, am I right?”

“Um yes Ma-am, but what to you mean by more?”

She grinned, “Well you earned twenty just then, 10 for speaking out and 10 for insulting Heather. Now would you like to add something positive to the discussion?”

A blond girl raised her hand, “Yes please tell us your name and what you wish to offer” the instructor said, motioning to her.

“Well I think. Oh um I’m Karen….anyway, I think that some might be real, but we just can’t see them unless they want us too.”

“Aye lass like the little wee leprechauns and their pot-o-gold they be hidin’ from us too” another boy near Ariel said with a smirk in a low tone.

“And your name young man?” she said with a bright smile.

“Bobby Ma-am, im sorry, I was just talking to my friends.”,

“Its ok Bobby, I’ve never given out 40 demerits on the first day either.” She turned to Karen, “so you think there might be some out there as well?”

“Well, I believe in Angels, and we can’t see them,” she replied.

“Yes, that’s true,” Ms. Chambrey smiled, “But they’re not really counted as Mythical creatures. We will discuss them later, now any other thoughts?”

Kenneth raised his hand. “Yes Kenneth, you have something you would like to add?”

“Yea Ok um this is like what I think and all like it’s not really a grade thing right?”

“Ms. Chambrey nodded, “no Kenneth, you just get credit for being involved, as long as you don’t insult others.”

“OK well personally I think this is all kinda dumb you know, cause there’s not really any mythical beings around, or they wouldn’t be called Mythical right?”

“Jennifer, tom-boyish in appearance raised her hand. “Yes Jennifer right, you were in my lit class last year, please if you have something to contribute.”

“I personally don’t have an opinion one way or another. If I were to meet a mythical creature, then yea I’m gonna believe. But seriously, I don’t want my thoughts to cause someone else issues because of my views. I think everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, and it’s not gonna affect us no matter what they think right?” Ariel smiled to herself hearing Jennifer’s words, and thought they might become friends.

The class continued with views ranging from people believing to absurdity, with neither side convincing the other. Finally the time came for class to end and Ms. Chambrey closed the discussion, “I’m afraid this is all the time we have, but for your first assignment, I’d like each of you to write 500 words on your favorite mythical being.” As she finished speaking the bell rang and the students hurried out.

Ariel walked down the sidewalk towards her home. Her thoughts were on the students and the discussion. She passed by a wooded area and noticed a dried out log. Ariel smiled as she turned it over revealing grubs and insects living underneath. “Pharia will love theses,” she said softly to herself and taking a small plastic container from her back pack she filled it with the grubs and put the lid on.

When she arrived at her house she entered and called out, “I’m home!”

Her mother was in the kitchen and looking up, she smiled brightly, “Hi baby, welcome back; how was school?”’

“It was ok, I have lots of home work,” she groaned.

“That’s nice,” dinner will be ready in a couple of hours, but Pharia has been calling for you for a while now. Please go feed her, she’s driving me crazy.”

“Yes Mother,” she grinned. “You know she can’t stand being alone, you should have gone up and talked to her, that’s all she needed.”

“I don’t have time to do that,” she replied as she continued working on the vegetables, “I’m sure she will survive.”

“I’ll go take care of her, besides I found some grubs on the way home. She’ll like them,” and she headed up the stairs. When she opened the door Pharia shrilled loudly her eyes glowing bright red, showing her irritation. Ariel grinned, “You know school started today, so don’t be angry. I brought you a treat.”

Pharia’s eyes remained the same color, as she braced herself on the perch flapping her wings back and forth. “You need to calm my sweet one, I’m getting them out,” she scolded. But Pharia’s temper didn’t subside. Ariel took the plastic container out of her bag and emptied it into Pharia’s bowl. Then she added water to her drinking dish and walked over to Pharia’s perch. The creature jumped onto her shoulder wrapping her long red and blue tail around her neck, the scales felt cold against her skin but Ariel loved her. She stroked Pharia’s head and along the soft golden dorsal fins running from her head to the tip of her tail. Pharia presses her head against Ariel’s cheek and warbled softly; her eyes turning to emerald as her mood changed.

Ariel walked back to the food dishes and when Pharia saw the grubs she jumped from Ariel’s shoulder to the dishes and began devouring her treat. Ariel laughed seeing her excitement. While Pharia ate, Ariel stretched out her arms and then removed her sweater. Once it was off, her wings unfurled and opened up revealing their beauty. The silk-like texture revealed beautiful swirls of gold and silver highlighted with emerald strands were almost see-through. It felt good to stretch them out and return to normal in the safety of her home. “Ok Pharia, I need to get started on my homework. She sat at her desk and took out her assignments. Pharia having finished her treat, flew over to Ariel’s shoulder once again, and wrapped her tail affectionately around Ariel’s neck. Ariel worked on her assignments stroking Pharia. “Such a sweet fire-lizard you are,” she reassured her pet.

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