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Are You Ready for a Completely Different Christmas Story?

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


We are nearing. My heart is going to break. In a little while, I will see the most momentous thing someone's eyes can see. I feel like my whole life I was preparing for this moment. All my education, study and my sacrifices were made in the hope of fulfilling this prophecy. And here I am now.

From a young age, I had the ability to communicate with the spirit world, to see things that others could not. This may have been the main reason why my teachers chose me and prepared me for this Holy Night. Finally, I reach my goal! In a few moments, I will meet the Truth with flesh and bones and kneel before the Son of Love.

My name is Balthazar. I walk following my two brothers, heading towards the entrance of the cave. Despite my preparation, I feel that all this is beyond me. I look around bemused. I see angels coming down from heaven, singing the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard! Humble shepherds kneel at the cave entrance and a great light from the star - which we have followed for days - fills the night with unprecedented magic. Suddenly I sense a figure in the shadows. "What is he doing here, a night like this?" I'm thinking. I feel the presence of the Lord of Darkness. I turn my head towards the darkness and dimly see him bowing to me. I lower my look to the gift I hold in my hands, for the little king, trying to ignore his presence. I cannot manage that now.


We enter the cave. The incredible light that comes out of His manger grips my soul! My heart stops! I fall to my knees and leave my gift at His feet. I bend down and kiss them. I pray with gratitude for this moment. Then I hear His warm voice in my mind. "This is a new beginning for Love. I need you. People need to know that this night is nothing without everyone's love. Only their choices can make it significant."

Images fill my mind. I see a great slaughter ordered by Herod! I try to look away, but I hear a second eerie voice. The Lord of Darkness commands: "Look! This is just the beginning. See what follows!"

My heart and mind are torn by the images that flood me. I see, in strange worlds, children starving to death because few steal their food. Children crushed by ruins, torn to pieces by terrible, inhuman weapons, in wars of greed and hatred and selfishness. I see children working non-stop, endless hours, for some breadcrumbs, making the goods of a fraudulent civilisation. I see children without a homeland, without parents, being persecuted everywhere, drowning in the seas of injustice. I see children in rich worlds, growing up in corruption, lies, and selfishness, by parents trying to make up for their absence with expensive and pointless gifts. I see children dying in the jaws of a monster called racism. I see religions that instead of helping in the name of love, they use it to corrupt children.

My heart cries, my soul weeps! Why; Why; A vast "why" comes out of my eyes towards Him. "Why all this now? It is written that this is the night that everything would change! Hope would be resurrected! That's why I came. I came to worship Your birth, the birth of Love in this world that needs it so much. Why?"

I hear His calm voice: "What you have seen is a choice; it has nothing to do with me. My coming is my choice to serve Love with my life, to be an example, hoping that every human being will choose to do the same. So that there will be no Herods of any form again, anywhere in the world. But love is not imposed; it is chosen. Darkness exists so that you can consciously choose the Light. I came to be also a choice. So that whoever wants to participate in my birth would be able to come and worship Love in this cave, regardless of when and where he lives. Because this cave is the heart of every human being and everyone will choose whether to make room for Love to be born in it or, like another Herod, to chase Her. You need nothing more than a simple heart, and God will fill this humble cave with miracles! That's what I want you to spread around the world."

I leave the cave with a heaviness in my heart, lost in my thoughts. My mind is trying to manage everything I saw. I feel a presence behind me. "Don't turn around," I hear the same eerie voice. "You don't need to see me. I want you to know that this night is crucial. It can change everything. The question is in which direction. I know that I am the perfect excuse. I will always be the convenient guilty of all these you saw. I do not mind, though. That was my choice. No one else agreed to play the role of the Darkness in the Great Plan. But Light needs darkness to define itself. If you see it without prejudice, all I do is out of my love for Him. But you people must understand that all my power is in your choice. As long as you offer it to me, I will have to play my part."


He disappeared in the shadows before I could tell him what I wanted and thank him for helping me understand the meaning of this night. Now I knew that the prophecy did not refer to this cave, at this specific time. This birth was only the symbol of a New Beginning, as He said. The prophecy was about the delivery of Love in the heart of every human being. The cave is the heart of every human being. The star is the Light that will always appear in the night when the heart is ready to be emptied of everything else and filled with love. This is the great revolution against lies and injustice, hatred and darkness. And this revolution will come from each one of us, not from any external Savior. No excuses anymore, no convenient guilty. I no longer give strength to the darkness because I choose Love!

Be the Christmas you dream by choosing Love above all!

— Sean Dragon

© 2020 Ioannis Arvanitis

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