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Are Dragons Real

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Are Dragons Real? Yes

Are Dragons Real? Yes

Are Dragons Real?

Dragons have been long thought of as a mythical creature conjured up in the minds of knights who wanted to make their fighting seem extremely glorious to the people back in medieval times. Knights would come back from crusades battered and bruised and told long tales of how they encountered a great beast which flew, breath fire and was the devils lizard. The knights were looked upon as brave and fearless and kings honored them with damsels, lands and goal. But the thing is, the story about dragons were not just told by knights of England. Different cultures around the world spoke of these beast and described them in many different ways.

Europe, India, America and China all have tales about this majestic beast. These cultures have described dragons in many different fashions. Some dragons have been given speech while some do not. Some dragons have been given wings while some do not. In some folklore, dragons not only breathe fire, but can also breathe ice and is capable of hypnotic abilities. It is said that some dragons live in large palaces hidden in the depth of the ocean while some dwell in mysterious hidden caves which can only be found by using magic. Dragons are also depicted as rich creatures has they guard large amount of treasures.

The word dragon itself derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Draconta’, which translates to “to watch”. This suggest that dragons typically lounge their huge butts on a large pot of gold and sit their guarding it all day like Scrooge Mcduck. Well, that’s what many people believe anyways. Why would a powerful creature like a Dragon have use for gold when it can just swoop down and munch on a few cows and use a couple knights’ femurs to pick its teeth? But with all these tales about dragon, one has to really sit and wonder, are Dragons real? Do we have any solid proof that this creature has ever existed? Are there any skeletal remains? Do we have any dragon babies nursing somewhere hidden in Area 51 and feeding it kidnapped immigrants? Well, role up your sleeves, brew that cup of chamomile, mint or weed tea and feast your eyes on this article as we look at a man called James Williams and his encounter with a real dragon.

Are Dragons Real. Just look at this Pic.

Are Dragons Real. Just look at this Pic.

Meeting a Dragon

James Williams was a lumberjack in North America. He lumbered in the Boreal Forest. James always went out early to suck up the fresh Canadian air and listen for falling trees which nobody had thought was fallen because they did not hear it. One evening as James had completed his daily lumbering. He saw a shadow swiftly move from an area where they had removed a few trees. James just thought for a while that it was probably a Boreal Owl as these birds were wise and so was he. But then the shadow moved swiftly again. James turned around and knocked over his razor and shaving cream as he was smoothing his legs. Then a huge voice from the forest said, “Why do you humans do it?” James was shock as cold sweat began to wash his face. He fell to his knees and began to pray. “Oh merciful savior, please forgive me as I knew I should have ate just one chocolate chip cookie but I took three instead. They were soft, warm and nice and I simply couldn’t resist.”

The dragon could see him but he could not see the dragon as the beast had the power of comaflauge. “Silly Human,” the dragon said. “Get up off your puny knees as I am not your God. I am merely a Dragon.” As James trembled and rose to his feet, the dragon began to reveal himself. “Oh my God!” James shouted. A real live dragon. “Are you going to kill me and use my femurs to pick your teeth?” James asked. The dragon looked down at James and shook its head in disbelief. You foolish humans, all you do is think badly about things you have no understanding of. I am a Dragon, a noble creature and a protector of this forest. I do not eat people. I have watch man cut down the homes of animals, destroy natural water supplies. Pollute the air we all breathe for what? Money. Now here you are cutting down the trees again and destroying the homes of the animals. So I ask again, why do you do it?”

James looked around and saw a pocket of missing trees and said with his stupid mouth. “Well, it doesn’t look too bad. It is just a small amount and we do plant back the ones we cut.” The dragon looked at James angrily and roared, a deep red ball could be seen at the back of the Dragons throat like a sitting sun ready to cremate poor James. The dragon then said to James, “come with me, let me enlighten you and the evils of man.” Is it safe?” James whimpered. The dragon gave James a grave stare and pretty soon, James was on the back of a Dragon in the sky

Dragon Real

Dragon Real

Dragon Showed James Evil

The dragon soared to the sky with James aboard and instantly camouflage and blended with the air. The dragon flew over from forest to forest and showed James how much trees are been killed daily by men. He saw wild animals running away in frenzy as many had no place to go as their forest had diminished. He saw men setting intentional forest fires to clear lands for development and thousands of dead animals lay burned on the floor.

He saw the thick smoke blanketing the skies, blocking out the sun and blinding birds. The dragon made him see deals being made with big business with shady individuals who paid men to start fires. “The poor animals.” James thought. “I never knew, I just never knew.” James felt anger, despair and regret about what he saw and the role he played in the destruction of the forest. He vowed to quit being a lumberjack after twenty five years.

The dragon saw goodness in James heart and decided that since he was going to give up his means of making a living, he should give him something of value to sustain him. The dragon lifted up a scale under his right leg and took out a large shiny stone which looked like a diamond and gave it to James. James quit his job as lumber jack but never left the forest. He began to plant twice the amount of trees which were cut down. He and the dragon became good friends and fabulous secrets were revealed to James regarding magic and land beyond the ice walls.


Millions have asked, Are Dragons Real? The answer is yes. But not all dragons will be as friendly as the one James met in the forest. Some will cremate you instantly or use your femur to pick its teeth. There are good dragons and there are evil dragons. All hiding in plain site around us. Flying, breathing fire and snatching cows.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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