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Another Baffling Thing

Another Baffling Thing

I don't remember why I got down from the train compartment, but I am sure it was not for an unimportant cause. The train had stopped at an old station was not in any hurry to depart. Maybe I had wanted to buy some food or maybe I was filling up my water bottle. I was also talking to some people of which only the face of Indrani Halder I can correctly remember. She was dressed up just like she appears on TV serial popularly known as "Goyenda Ginni". She is one of my favorite TV actresses. Whenever someone mentions " Mahalaya" I can only imagine her acting as Maa Durga destroying evils. I can recall and recount properly my childhood attraction towards the programme where I had watched her for the first time. It was a real joy to me because it came on TV only once a year. I have seen performances of many actresses in this role throughout my life but none was as appealing as Indrani Halder's. Her pitch black eyes are glossy and so full of life. Her long black hair was also amazing. Some people say that SRK can act with his eyes only without uttering a word. But I don't believe that he is the only one to be capable of that. Indrani Halder can speak with her eyes and can cry without bringing out tears. It blows my mind. I have never seen any devi or apsara but for me she is a real life goddess and I worship her. As I was saying she was there in the platform with me, I started talking with her very casually. I don't know what we had been gossiping but suddenly I saw the train moving. My heart stopped for a moment in shock, I found some people running to catch up with the moving train and they got up easily. But I felt that my legs were somehow glued to the platform and I couldn't run fast enough. As I pushed forward something pulled me from behind.

I was trapped. Looking back I found the handle of my back was entangled with Indrani Halder's bracelet. I struggled to get it out without damaging her bracelet. So I gently untangled it and ran forward. Some kind people extended their hands but I stumbled on my feet. When I got up the train had left by then.

Horrified, I covered my mouth with my palm and I tried to calm down. But my breathing was fast and my chest was loud. I felt very useless. There was no more train available. Being somewhat capable of moving I started walking slowly.

Someone crossed my mind and I looked back. There was no one, not even her. I grew angry at her and everything felt to be her fault. I cursed her presence before as I cried out my frustration. Feeling defeated I took an empty seat. After drinking some water I looked at the railtracks and glared at those. I was all alone on that extremely sunny day. An used, dirty plastic bag landed on the tracks flowing with the heated wind. I sighed and closed my eyes to think of something else.

After that I don't remember a thing. Maybe after a long pause I opened my eyes widely. I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead and neck, and I was not on that dreadful platform anymore. I was happy to realize that everything was just a silly dream. Hot Indian summer messes up with everybody. I wished to watch Indrani Halder again with a big smile of relief.

© 2020 Sannyasi Raja