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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.


They relieve the pain

They relieve the pain

She Broke His Heart

He was sitting there in his cutoff jean shorts. He pounded another beer. The group was below on the other side of the creek. She was with "him". What was left for him? She left him. What purpose or joy could there be now? A teenager in great despair with nothing left to live for. Maybe just another teenager checking out like so many.

His buddy was there with him. Consoling, kind of. They were at the 40 ft height for the dive. A grab on a branch and up to 50 ft. Another brew. Fingers pointing up as he went higher. Full danger level But what else could be lost?

Shouts to "go for it" rang out. "Screw it". His buddy told him to come back down. "Please Eric come back down she is not worth it". A good hand hold and up to 60 and without hesitation up to 70.

Just another ruined teenager to go along. Now no more cries from the group, in fact a deadly silence. A limit had been passed and eminent death looked real. Could the 8 ft pool below sustain such a dive. It had been done once they said. By a 30 year old a year ago but not confirmed. Leaping to his death.

His gal jumped up and yelled no Eric please! But by now it had to be done.

Hands loose with thumbs ready to smash into his forehead on impact, hit the pool in a roll to curb the depth. No need to pee, already done. Don't forget to get the air out before impact so it does not get knocked out, best to scream in the dive.

And then a cool calm. No more about the gal. No more about sadness. All the sudden. All the sudden it was about the dive.

The winner emerged, the victor was home. The dive was no longer a suicide mission it was a full on mission. Stripping off his "tennis" shoes and belt with buckle and tossing him to Gary below as they could cause a problem in landing.

Concentration to clear the cliff yet still hit the deep pool. Deep breaths, not for the water but for the fear. No more sound in the ears, no more dark dark fears.

And off into space the boy went. No right to expect success and all to expect the darkness.

He nailed it! All things right with only bruising on the forehead. The group was silent at first and then rip-roaring thunder with many coming to him and beers being popped all over. Shaken and sprayed. What could not be done had been done.

The gal's boyfriend walked off as the gal came up to him. "We are done here" is all he said as the party raged.

Sometimes it is not the cliff or the gal.