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Analyze This


Accept your self for who you are, it sure is hard to change

Because when we love ourselves inside, others will feel the same

Choices make up the whole of our lives, we make them day to day

Don't try to change just except yourself and you will find your way

Evil people will judge you, and possibly not understand

Free your mind, forget them all, don't say you cant, you can

Go do something that makes you happy, speak to someone that cares

Have no fear, have no regrets, admit to yourself don't pretend

If you start feeling down, don't go and bury your head in the sand

Just stand up straight, hold your head high cos life's to short to be down

Keep a clear mind, be assertive, it's important to be on the ball

Laugh and joke as much as you can, but don't be ashamed if you fall

Make lots of time for your family, well as much as you possibly can

Never give kids bad examples, cos they'll always be your number 1 fans

Of course life can be hard, but there's no pain without pleasure

Prepare yourself for the worst, and the rest can only get better

Quote yourself not somebody else, make up your own be unique

Remember what mother taught you, thoughts come best before speech

Seek and you will find, don't be scared to ask some questions

There's so much we just don't understand, things we are scared to mention

Unearth your true potential, weather it be poetry or dancing

Value the people that love you the most, don't take their love for granted

Well spent will be your days as long as you spend them being happy

X-ray all your feelings,don't sulk, just do it and make it snappy

Yield if your wrong, apologize, you don't always have be right

Zoom in on yourself and analyse, when I did I had a big fright.

© 2017 Aaron J Butterick

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