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An Unusual Allergy

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Victor was a very friendly and affectionate person. He was brought up in a middle-class family and had learnt so many household jobs from his mother and helped her in many tasks in the household. His mother, Elna was proud of him and talked about him with her friends. Victor was mediocre in studies but was intelligent enough to complete his graduation and was able to qualify in an interview and get a job of office assistant easily in a company in their office located in a nearby town. His father David was also very happy as Victor becoming an earning member meant something of great relief for him and the family.

David and Elna were a happy couple. They were a simple and easy-going couple. As Victor grew up in that beautiful environment, David hoped that Victor will also get a life partner with whom Victor would also be a happy guy.

Victor went to join the job and took a bachelor's accommodation near his office. Within the first 15 days in the company, Victor was briefed about the working of the company and his role in it. Victor was able to grasp things quickly and started his work.

Victor was so soft-spoken, calm, and graceful that many of his colleagues liked him and he became very popular with them.

There were many girls in the office and one of them Rolya was talking to him now and then and one day she asked him if he would mind having coffee with her in a nearby place. Victor was happy to hear that and after office hours went there with her and they took seats on the side of the garden. Victor went to get coffee and returned with two mugs and placed them on the table. Victor was having a very cordial behaviour with everyone and he used to give good respect to his colleagues, boys and girls alike. The same thing he was doing with Rolya also and it was natural that Rolya

A few days later Victor, as a matter of courtesy offered her to go out for coffee and she happily accepted it. Rolya liked the company of victor. He is so simple and nice also she thought to herself.
There were many other girls also in the office who observed that Rolya and victor were going out for coffee to the nearby coffee shop. One of them, Stella, who was also much impressed with the personality of Victor, one day tried to talk to him and as usual, Victor entertained her with the utmost respect and she became very happy with his cordial nature and proposed to go out for a cup of coffee. Seeing this another 2-3 girls from the office started to talk to Victor and soon Victor became a good friend of all those girls.


Since their very first meeting, Rolya was very much impressed by the sober and modest personality of Victor. He was so soft-spoken and so cute, she thought so many times to herself. Rolya had gone out with Victor a few times and they even had dinner once in the lakeside cafe. It was so nice. She was so happy about it.

Rolya was happy but always thought about Victor that he never tried to come near her. Rolya was a beautiful girl and many boys tried to advance toward her but she was very choosy in that respect and never gave them freedom beyond a certain limit. Victor looked different but those boys were all alike, she thought to herself.

Victor was a totally different person. So helpful, so simple, so considerate, and so friendly. Rolya knew that Victor was going out with many other girls working in the office as well as in the town but so far they have not heard any serious advancement about his relationship with any of the girls.


Victor was a very friendly person as Stella could find it out soon after they had gone outside for a cup of coffee in the nearby restaurant. Stella liked his company and soon they became good friends.

Stella was much happy in the company of Victor but sometimes she had a strange feeling about him as he always avoided coming close to her. Maybe Victor was having some girlfriend with whom he might be having intimate relations and maybe that Victor was going to marry her later. Stella was satisfied with her analysis of Victor's nature. And how does it matter, Victor is my good friend and that is enough for me - Stella thought to herself.


Victor's friendly nature gained him many friends in the office and Remi was one of them. She was a simple girl more and less like Victor only and it was Victor who first invited her for a coffee which Remi quickly agreed to. Then they had gone out a few times.

Remi had a few friends especially boyfriends and she did not go beyond a certain limit with any of them and she continued the same thing with Victor also. Victor also appeared happy with her. One thing Remi noted was that Victor never tried to come close to her which many boys often do.

Once Remi, just to test Victor, sat close to him on a bench but Victor neither showed any surprise nor moved away from her and behaved in the most graceful manner. From that day Remi's confidence in him as a good friend increased significantly.

Jane and Alia

Jane and Alia worked in the IT wing of the company and usually took lunch together in the office canteen. That day they were chit-chatting during lunchtime when Jane reminded Alia that Stella had called them for an evening get to together in the lakeside restaurant. Alia told that she remembered it and it seemed that many employees were coming there that day. Jane told that the handsome boy Victor will also be there. Victor was known among most of the employees especially among the girls as they liked his soft and humble nature.

Alia started to narrate her experience with Victor. She told Jane that one day she and Victor went to a park in the evening and Alia asked him to sit on the bench for some time but Victor was not in a mood to sit there and told Alia that they will have some coffee in the restaurant and then he would like to go to his house.

"You know Jane, sometimes he behaves very strangely", Alia told in a matter of the fact way.

Jane simply laughed and asked Alia whether they should go back to their seats.


There were many boys and girls present from the office in the lakeside restaurant where Stella was hosting a tea party on that evening. Victor was sitting between two of his friends Rubik and Faiz. They were telling their experiences with their girlfriends and Victor was very attentively listening to them.

Rolya saw a few times in the direction of Victor hoping that he might take a seat near her but Victor simply showed her a thumbs up and that was all. She could not even make out what that meant.

Everyone was enjoying the party but the eyes of some of the girls were on Victor only and they were all surprised when they saw Victor taking a seat between Remi and one boy. The main element of surprise was that Victor was sitting too close to Remi.


The next day in the office girls were looking at Victor in very specific ways. Some were simply smiling while others were telling him through the movements of their eyes something without talking. Since the last evening, the girls had suddenly become conscious of something.

Victor could not make out anything from their changed glances and greeted them all with his usual simplicity.

It was Stella who could not control herself and during the lunch break came to Victor and asked him, "So that is the girl, Remi, who is your real girlfriend?". She made it as polite as possible but the tinge of jealousy was very apparent to Victor.

"What are you talking, Stella? She is a friend just like you", Victor tried to assure her with utmost sincerity.

"I know Victor, but you never sit close to us. The first time we all have seen you sitting close to a girl like that".

Victor never thought that girls would be asking questions like that. He decided to tell them the truth.

"Look, Stella, Remi is as good a friend as you are and maybe you are more near and dear to me that only coming times would tell. The only reason why I am avoiding coming close to you girls is your makeup, scents, and perfumes that you wear so sparingly. I had an allergy syndrome since my birth and I do not go near these scents because of obvious reasons. They get me sick and then I have to undergo a medicine course as prescribed by my doctor. And listen, Stella, incidentally Remi is the only girl here who does not use any makeup or perfumes", Victor ended his explanation.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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