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An Ode to the Cell


Feeling rather wet at a seedy junction

where junctional complex was stable and tight.

The only entrance into the cell

was connection through a gap

in the lipid bilayer sea.

Only to be let in by

a brilliant flow of electricity.

A place where function

is expressed as form.

A perfectly balanced city

built on crystal microtubules

formed into long stretches

of majestic highway.

On the highway a variety of motorized

units of protein, a Kinesin taxi,

a Dynein bus for our seat.

As we peer out the window

we see sparks from ATP generators

providing power and efficiency to our movements.

Vacuole high rise apartments.

New vacoules constantly created

by Golgi Apparatus factory powered

by collective energy created

and stored in Mitochondria.

We see a place where the motorized

protein buses receive their coded orders,

Smooth and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum,

branches of government that receive RNA law

to implement and socialize cells citizenry.

Each bill carried in Rough

Endoplasmic Reticulum is a protein.

Building blocks to creation of movement,

in a city where great government

rules through a simple logical code

housed in the great Nucleus.

Where each code is translated and given

to Reticulum as protein law.

When age falls upon members

of the working class they retire

from a life lived in cellular law

when entropy has the final call

we see the cell inherit it's own

to recycle and reuse every molecule

with power stored within Mitochondria

a centralized, organized, translatable

government surrounded

by a sea of lipid bilayer.

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