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The Healing Power of Poetry

Seafarer Mama/Karen is a poet. She reads her poetry to small groups of friends and to larger groups at open mics.

Paintings and Photos are Visual Poetry

Original abstract painting created by Seafarer Mama

Original abstract painting created by Seafarer Mama

The Care and Feeding of Poems

In April of each year

There is poetry in the air,

Across the country and across the world.

Many poets,

With their pens in their hands,

Their scrolls on their desks and their jar of ink half-empty already,

Light candles in homage to their muses.

They listen with ears open wide, then write.

Their words paint pictures rich and vivid

For their readers to jump into,

And begin odysseys of adventure in their minds.

The words of poets are made of stardust and moonbeams,

Captured from the sky as they look out their windows at night,

Or from golden orbs of the sun's light as it sets.

Sunset and nighttime are the quietest times,

When the world is resting,

And poets hear the whispers of their muses most clearly.

Their gentle words carry hints of what the world needs to hear,

Words to rouse the weary and offer hope to replace despair.

When the writing is done and the ink jar is empty, the poets gather.

They read their writing to each other at open mics or in cafes,

Where all are welcome and listening ears are open widest.

They revel in the worlds that other poets have created,

And encourage young and old who are new to the craft to join them.

All present are woven into a community of believers,

In the power of honest words to touch the ears of those who need to hear them.

Silence, then applause follows each poet's gift at the podium altar.

The Universe is full of rainbows that touch the earth with links to eternity.

The hearts and hands of poets touch the feet of those rainbows,

And from that holy ground they find the words to write ~

Words that touch the imagination and open the hearts

Of all who come to them for new life, and the energy to heal the world.

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