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A Conversation With Bigfoot - A Flash Fiction Story

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


My name is Harp and this is my story. One Saturday I decided to go on a hike along my usual trail into the woods. The one which runs near the Bluestone Dam. Well at one time it was my usual trail. Truth be told I haven’t walked there since I was teenager.

Not because I didn’t want to. I did. I just moved away after college and never returned. I’m only back here now because my dad passed away and I came back for his funeral.

I figured since I was here I would go on a hike of “enlightenment.” Really I’m just trying to get away from all the sadness and pain. A breathe of fresh air they say does you a lot of good.

One last time I looked at my car. Still time to turn back. “No.” I said to myself. Have to see this through.” I hiked up my backpack, grabbed my walking stick and headed up the trail. I headed down the main trail for about a mile until I came to the trail which paralleled the river. I looked left and right trying to decide which way to go. I tossed up my invisible coin and decided to go left, which took me away from the dam.

I walked for a while until I came to a small stream. The bridge my friends and I had built years ago was still there. I crossed over the bridge and resumed walking. A little while later I stopped to pick and ate some wild black berries.I knew up ahead about a half mile was a stopping point at some rapids.I reached them and sat down on a rock to rest. I looked out across the creek at the muted greens of the shadowed woods. I looked to my left a little upstream. There on a big rock outcropping was a hairy creature reaching down into the water, I presumed trying to catch a fish.

I’d heard stories about people seeing a Bigfoot in theses woods but brushed them off as just old folk tales. I stared up the creek.

I did not want to disturb the creature so I figured to just get up and head back the way I’d come. I slowly stood up as I watched Bigfoot. I turned to go and slipped. As I went down my backpack made a loud noise on the rock. To my dismay Bigfoot stood up and looked my way.

“Huh oh,” I said to myself.

Bigfoot let out a roar and stepped into the forest. I figured I was in trouble. I stepped back onto the trail and headed back towards the dam. I didn’t want to run but my feet had a different idea. Suddenly in front of me Bigfoot stepped out of the brush. I skidded to a stop. Bigfoot tilted its head and looked at me.

“What are you doing in my woods?”

I looked at Bigfoot. Had I really heard him speak?

“Because my kinfolk and I usually try to scare you away. You know the rock throwing and loud grunts and grows.”

“I asked you a question. Why are you in my woods?”

“You can speak?”

“Of course I can speak.”

“Nobody ever said your kind could talk.”

“Only because you humans are usually only interested in finding us. So in order to keep you away we act angry and usually try to scare you away. You know the rock throwing and loud grunts and grows.”

“Why are you talking to me now?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you just caught me on a good day. Now again, why are you in my woods.”

“Well first off, I didn’t know they were your woods. I used to hike here as a kid and figured I’d come back again. You see my dad died and I came back for the funeral...wait, why am I telling you this?”

“First, my condolences on the passing of your father. I know hard it is is to lose someone you really care for.”

“Umm, thanks.”



“My name is Leroy.”

“Oh, my name is Harp.”

“Well Harp, would you like to go back and sit down and talk. I promise you no harm.”

“Yeah, I guess….” Who was I to argue with Bigfoot? If I tried to sneak away he would just track me down. Besides I didn’t want to make him mad.

I followed Leroy the Bigfoot back to the clearing with the big rock. We sat down to talk. Luckily I was sitting downwind because the smell he gave off was almost unbearable.

“So Leroy, how long have you lived in these woods? I mean I don’t remember seeing or hearing of you when I was a kid.”

Leroy looked at me. “My family and I moved down from up north a few years ago. My young ones have since moved on to other locations. It is just me and my mate here now. She is off foraging for food like me.”

“It still surprises me how you can speak.”

Bigfoot or Leroy as he called himself tilted his head like I’d said something illogical.

“Why can humans speak?”

I thought for a second. “We...I don’t know we just can.”

“Same here. We just grunt and growl to keep you humans away.”

“Oh,” We just sat there for a few minutes of awkward silence. Neither knew much about the other. Well except her had fur covering all the areas of his body. I had clothes. Finally after what seemed an eternity another Bigfoot joined us. I could tell this one was female by...well let’s just say I could tell. She looked from Leroy to me.

“Harp this is my wife Flo. Flo this is a human named Harp.”

She looked at Leroy. “I can tell he’s a human. My question is what are you doing here with him when you should be catching fish for dinner. Besides since when do we confer with humans?”

I looked up at her. “Pleased to meet you. I’m sorry for taking your...Leroy away from his duties.” I figured now was a good time to take my leave. I mean two Bigfoots...two Bigfeet...whatever...were too much. What if they decided I shouldn’t leave because I knew they were here? I started to get up.

Leroy stood with me. “Hey where you goin’? We were just starting to get to know each other.

“I umm…”

Leroy looked at his mate. “Have some heart will you. This poor human just lost his father and came into our woods for some solace.

I laughed. “ don’t worry about that I don’t think anyone would believe me or they might think I’m a little bit crazy.”

Flo looked my way, some sadness touched her eyes. “Sorry to hear about your lost human. A few years back we lost what you humans call a parental figure. It was tough on Leroy and me.”

I looked at Flo. “I’m sorry for your loss. It is hard when someone you live passes away.”

Flo leaned her head back at lead out a blood curdling yelp. I stepped back.

She looked at me. “He did not pass away. We lost him up north on the way through the woods. We could never find him again. We think he might have headed west.”

“Oh,” I said. “I just thought...never mind.”

We all just stood there in awkward silence.

Finally Leroy broke the silence. “His father died.”

She looked at me. I thought I saw some solace in her eyes but only for a second. She looked back to Leroy.

“You need to get back to work catching the fish,” She looked back at me. “ we’re going to take our leave now. We will let you go but tell no one of our conversation.”

I laughed. “ don’t worry about that I don’t think anyone would believe me or they might think I’m a little bit crazy.”

She nodded her head. They both turned and strolled off into the woods leaving me standing there by myself. I wondered if I would ever see them again or if I really wanted to see them again. I hiked up my backpack and headed back down the trail the way I had come.

I’m only this story now because I’m getting up in years and wanted to have something written down so I could pass it along someday.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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