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An Author Writing About Another Author in a Chain


This piece is written as a response to prompt#100 of HP fellow writer, Earl S. Wynn’s article, “101 Writing Prompts to Inspire You.”

Earl S. Wynn’s Prompt#100

Write a story that you are several times removed from. Write a tale of an author, who’s writing a tale about an author, who is also writing a tale about an author. The challenge? Make it comprehensible, interesting and just the right amount of complexity to grab your reader and keep them reading.

Writing a Draft, Dear Author?

Writing a Draft, Dear Author?

An Author Writing About Another Author in a Chain- The Response

I pen about the young and established author, Laura Gale. In this article, fictitiously, she writes about JK Rowling who in turn fancifully writes about Jane Austen. The fact that these authors write about another author is purely fictional. But their writing content somewhat bears resemblance to reality and authenticity. I also give my thoughts and reflections when one author writes about another.

Pic: Laura Gale

Pic: Laura Gale

I Write About Laura Gale

I started getting newsletters in my email inbox from a woman named Laura Gale. I didn’t pay attention at first but after I opened one or more of her newsletters, I found them quite interesting. In one of them, she shared how her business failed in Thailand, and she gradually took up writing and eventually was writing five essays every day, and within two weeks, she burned out. But writing did help her to survive then and save her life because she earned good money that way. And she bounced off the message that writing could save our lives as well.

Laura Gale is now an expert in writing, publishing, and marketing mighty profitable books that change her clients' businesses in a big way.

At one early point in her career, she worked on a project about JK Rowling's post- Harry Potter publications. After immersing herself in her writing career, she wrote essays every day based on her life about 600-1000 words or even more to polish her writing skills.

Instead of writing about her life as a regular practice, nevertheless one day she took up writing about JK Rowling, which is, in fact, my imagination.

Pic: JK Rowling

Pic: JK Rowling

Laura Gale Writes About JK Rowling

Inspiration for writing sometimes comes from the oddest places. Maybe while sitting in mother nature, having coffee in a café, or hiking up the hills.

For JK Rowling, she got the Eureka moment of a writing idea of a boy wizard who went to a wizarding school while she was sitting on a delayed train back home. That’s how Harry Potter and Hogwarts came out alive.

It took Rowling five years to write the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. By this time, her mother had passed on, and she had moved to Portugal to teach English. It was during this time, Rowling met her first husband, Jorge Arantes at a café. They had an absorbing conversation over their mutual interest in Jane Austen.

For a break from writing on Harry Potter book, she recollected her conversation with Arantes at the café and started writing an essay about her favorite author, Jane Austen. This is also my imagination.

Pic: Jane Austen

Pic: Jane Austen

JK Rowling Writes About Jane Austen

Jane Austen authored six major novels. Based on the level of popularity in modern times, these novels are Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park.

At this moment, the novel "Emma", one of the creations of Jane Austen comes to mind. It is quite comical. Emma, beautiful, wealthy, and meddlesome believes she won't marry, but she is good at matchmaking. She arranges the marriage of her former governess, Anne Taylor, and therefore, her confidence in matchmaking. Missing her company, she takes Harriet Smith under her companionship, who is a boarder at a neighboring village school.

Robert Martin, an eligible young farmer proposes to Harriet, but Emma makes Harriet refuse the proposal as Robert is lower in status than her. Mr. Knightly, a bachelor and Emma’s brother-in-law is furious about her decision.

Later, when Harriet falls in love with Mr. Knightly, Emma feels uncomfortable and realizes she herself is in love with him. In the meantime, Robert proposes to Harriet again, and she accepts his proposal, relieving Emma. Knightly eventually proposes to the humbled and repentant Emma, and she is overjoyed that everything works out so well.

Jane Austen never married in her life. But she did have a marriage proposal from one man, Harris Bigg-Wither. Austen accepted it but the very next day, she refused it as she realized she didn’t love him.

Years later, when her niece was about to marry, Austen’s advice was not to wed if she didn’t love the man. Austen’s similar insight is reflected in her novels, where her heroines don’t marry for money or power but only for love.

Jane Austen began to decline in health. Her brother, Henry, and sister, Cassandra began to seek medical care for their sick sister, but unfortunately, there was no cure at that time. She passed on July 18, 1817, taking with her the unfinished works of her novels.

I find it fascinating that JK Rowling’s favorite author is Jane Austen and that I feel she would one day sit down to research and write about her as a pastime in a similar way I just imagined her to do so. This would indeed be quite ardent and enticing.

Laura Gale Finishes Writing About JK Rowling

JK Rowling married Jorge Arantes after they met at the café in Portugal. They had their first daughter, Jessica.

Their marriage failed, and so Rowling took Jessica with her to Scotland where her sister lived. She continued writing in different café s around the city.

After she finished the full manuscript, she sent the first three chapters to literary agents, all of whom rejected except one who wanted the rest of the novel. The agent finally found a publisher, and in June 1997, Bloomsbury published Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It was at this point that Rowling's life changed for the better in a big way.

Rowling married Neil Murray, a doctor in 2001. They had a son and later, a daughter.

The next six books of Harry Potter took about another 10 years to write and publish. Movies based on her books were released in between publications. She wrote an adult crime novel under an unknown name, Robert Galbraith.

Apart from writing and her family life, she donates to charities and causes.

It is my guess when Laura Gale worked on a project about JK Rowling, it left her a good imprint, and its memories flood her from time to time. This is why I think she would one day undertake to write about Rowling in an essay instead of her normal routine, writing about herself.

I complete Writing About Laura Gale

Laura Gale authors books currently for others from a great idea, leading to publication and launch. She calls this process Ghost Writing.

She offers two other packages: Editing and Coaching.

Editing is the process where she helps and guides authors to finish their books, keeping them in charge as authors.

She also offers coaching and guidance to professional writers who want to write books themselves.

Laura has authored several business books herself. I found her book, "How to Write This Book" especially intriguing because she shows us step by step how to take our big idea through drafting, editing, publishing, and on to launching a book and beyond.

I am fully mesmerized at the enigma of Laura Gale and how she makes a difference in the world with her writings. She is someone truly to be honored and appreciated.


In this article, I showed a chain of authors, one writing about another from modern times back to ancient times, showing their values in writing and the books they have presented as authors, which will continue to live generations after generations. I applaud their writings as great contributions to this world and that there is a reason why these authors follow a chain, which makes it all the more unique and enthralling.


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