An Ant's Tale: A Short Story

Updated on June 3, 2017
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Melissa obtained her B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management, minoring in Biology. She enjoys creative writing, art, and gardening.

An Ant's Adventures

I moved quickly along the earthen ground leaving barely an imprint behind me. I moved along the well worn path with purpose of mind and heart on keeping my brothers and sisters alive and well. I moved forward with out thinking, knowing where this path would lead, knowing the other's who tramped along it before me came back safely day after day and so too would I.

Suddenly my path disappeared and many grooves were left in it's place. I climbed over them steadily not letting this fault my nerves. A stick was placed in my path. I crawled over it. Another stick was placed in my path. Again I crawled over it, determined to get where I needed to be. My only thought my brothers.

A squeal of laughter rang out. A child played in the dirt. He had stomped at the moving creature but missed terribly. He grew curious, laying sticks in it's path. He cried out in glee as for each stick he laid to the ground the creature kept crawling over it! He had a new idea, perhaps this time he will only let the creature crawl on the stick and then he will pick up the stick quickly so it can't get away.

The ant was not disturbed by the boy, and did not even notice him more than to observe the obstacles in his path. Another obstacle laid up ahead, and the ant did as he did for all the others, began to crawl over it.

The boy picked up the stick, with the ant on it, he ran off to show his father. However, the ant had fallen.

and fallen.

and fallen.

until he reached the ground again.

The ant was no longer on the path, but he kept moving forward, he sensed the way. The boy had barely interrupted his day, the ant had one thing on his mind. I must protect and help my brothers and sisters.


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