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Always Embrace Love

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Warm like the sunshine,

love makes hearts glad,

there isn’t a moment that goes by -

when you can’t say, love is grand.

Without love,

the world is cold,

like in the wintertime -

when there is no one to hold.

Like islands,

drifting on the sea,

searching for a friendly shore -

that will bring happiness and so much more.

Feelings of love,

are like sailing ships,

blown by the winds,

to and fro.

Warm as the summer sun,

as the heart beats ever faster,

anywhere at anytime,

we embrace them.

Feelings of emotion,

love brings them,

flying on the wings -

of doves high in the sky.

Love brings memories,

of lazy days,

with just you and me

and the world so far away.

No matter where we are,

as long as together we’ll be,

there is nothing that’s more special -

than the love that we share.

Take my love

and hold on tight,

we’ll be alright -

as long as the feelings are true.

Love lasts through all the seasons,

come rain or shine,

in the good times and the bad,

never will there be a time it won’t make you glad.

Like rainbows after the rain,

like the wind blowing the clouds away,

like a gray day that’s suddenly sunny -

love can make you feel funny.

Shipwrecked upon a foreign shore,

love boats gone astray,

trying hard to find,

a way back to this heart of mine.

Love is never simple

and there are no special rules,

it’s a game of give and take -

never knowing if it’s real or fake.

Just give love a chance,

because without it the world,

can be so harsh and cold -

be bold and embrace it.

Anywhere and anytime,

love is a wonderful part of life,

as two hearts and souls,

are forever entwined.

Love is a song,

Love is a dance

Love is a feeling -

it will send you reeling .

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