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Updated on May 18, 2017

The Importance Of History

Reading has honestly changed my life. It has allowed me to learn more about the world, and also to develop myself as a person. In his book 'The Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization', Anthony T. Browder discusses (with evidence) the influence that Kemet (now known as Eygpt) has had, and currently has, on the wider world today.

As a black person living in the so called 'west', many of us have been taught that black history (which is in fact world history, and should be taught us such) consists of slavery, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. No disrespect to either of these great men, but I feel that both men, particularly Malcolm, would be hugely frustrated that black people's historical knowledge is generally so limited. Many black people have absolutely no idea of the great things that fellow melanated people have created, produced and brought to the world.

For me personally, learning about black and African history has provided me with great empowerment. In a world where policemen are consecutively caught abusing their power, physically harassing and or killing unarmed black people, and then being given paid leave for such actions, it can subsequently make a black man feel like an angry, upset, distraught, helpless and hopeless second-rate human being. Furthermore, when people are literally protesting in their droves to say 'stop killing us' and then people reply by saying 'but', it can cause those aforementioned feelings to intensify.

In truth I feel that the reason many people have opposed 'BLM' protests, whilst defending policeman for wrongfully killing black people (for example in the case of Alton Sterling), is because many people see black people as insignificant components of this earth. The type of people who are good at sport, good rappers, good singers and good dancers, but excluding this, are thought to have contributed nothing meaningful to the world. People held in such regard are easy to look down on, and easy to perceive as insubstantial, unimportant, nugatory and disposable.

The history of Europeans is forever celebrated in the western world, but the knowledge that they gained from Africans is not. Among other things, the poem below touches on that very fact. I feel that the children of the world are the key to humanity's progression. I don't believe we can wholly count on the school system for this, but we need to find a way of teaching our youth, in the equal measure, about the great contributions that people of all races, colours, creeds and religions have provided to the earth. Once the next generation is exposed to this fact and can see and appreciate that all human beings have the same potential and productivity in achieving greatness then I feel that we will have made a huge step towards achieving equality. Equal empathy, equal love and equal respect for all those who make up the human family.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my poem below. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Don't Get Confused

Don't get confused, this isn't black vs white,

This is good and against evil,

Let me give you a history lesson on how the good have been treated by the evil.

In victory, they stole history,

Burned Alexandria, Kemet had the keys here.

Mystery schools, where Kemites taught the ignorant,

In return teachers were killed by the students.

Then claimed the work as their own, and stole their place on the throne.

Now people won't accept the greatness of old civilizations,

Mental conditions, only thinking greatness can come from white faces,

The opinion is tainted.

Just look at the sphinx,

Lips and nose shot off, to deny what it really is.

Ancient murals have been whitewashed, the tampering of history persists.

Hiding the glory of Afrikans, by saying ‘Egypt's not in Afrika it's in the ‘Middle East’’.

Afrikan culture is all around you.

Just look at the columns. just look at mathematics, just look at Aeronautics, just look at obelisks.

African history, is the world's best kept secret.

Race was defined by Blumenbach, it created a power system, with blacks at the bottom,

It helped to justify slavery, now it justifies robbery.

The land is rich, but oppressors and supremacists have got their fingers in it.

Whilst the inhabitants stay poor, the latter stay rich.

Afrikans have been 'free' for over 200 years, yet colonial tax still exists.

People in the Congo have starved, Leopold cutting off their arms and legs.

Now Belgians have stolen Congolese gold on their rooftops.

I've heard speeches about poverty and living within your means,

By a person whose family stole global riches, yes I'm talking about the Queen.

Stolen Jewels from Africa, stolen jewels from India.

You won't hear this in schools, because history is written by the victor.

Some say history's irrelevant, and that it doesn't really matter.

But it's everything.

It can help you find out who you are.

It creates knowledge of self and internalizes your power.

The powerful know this, so they'll do anything to hold it.

To keep you in the dark, making you think you're less than them.

Just remember what Dr John Henrik Clarke said 'powerful people never tell powerless people how to take their power away from them'.

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