Alt da Vinci - A Graphical Novel - Leonardo da Vinci in Earth's Alternate Dimension

Updated on December 2, 2016
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James Lee is a Field network Technician living in Central Nebraska during the summer months and Southern Nevada in the winter.

Author: James Lee
Illustrated Via: Adobe Photoshop

Within one of Planet Earth's many alternate dimensions, the human race has achieved incredible technological advancement. Known as Verran Earth, the year is only 1472, yet the sophisticated technologies created by mankind far exceeds that of Terran Earth. Flight has been long achieved and is the rage of the time.

Exploration ushers in a new age of human enlightenment. The traditional means of seeking out new lands, like seafaring ships, gives way to flying air vessels which are far more efficient in terms of speed and navigation.

From a very young age, Leonardo da Vinci is fascinated by innovative concept of human flight. As a small boy he delights the scientific community by creating scale models of airship design that can be made to accomplish incredible maneuvers. His accomplishments in lightweight materials include a method of extracting materials from the excreted tar pit waste products and transforming them into a hardened mass. This mass is both light and strong concurrently and are perfect for devising gears, propellers and machinery that greatly reduces the mechanisms of flying machines.

With Great Discovery - Comes Dire Consequences

During his many test flights, young Leonardo da Vinci comes to a startling discovery. He notices when viewing sea bound ships from high above in an airship, that they seem to lower and disappear and into the horizon. This revelation awakens Leonardo to the possibility that the Earth is in fact round and not flat like conventional science and religion believes. Incessantly, he tries to convince the influential to this hypothesis, but enrages most of his stubborn audience while doing so.

The science that leads to flying ships has spawned a renaissance of inventiveness never before witnessed on Verran Earth. It’s a great time to be an inventor. Leonardo da Vinci is a promising, young scientist on the rise. His designs for propulsion have reinvigorated his already famous family name.

Immense wealth has befallen Leonardo and with it, he expands his vast research interests to include a forbidden concept: robotics. The Italian society is still controlled by the strengthened religious influence of the Catholic Church which views such endeavors as blasphemy.

The newly formed, yet very influential Ministry of Decency is quick to thwart any scientific belief that contradicts that of the Church, as well as it's own. Despite his many successes in popular sciences like engineering, Leonardo da Vinci's expansion into the undesirable has cast him in a very unpopular light.

Verran Leonardo da Vinci - Age 20

Verran Mercurio Conti - Vatican Inquisitor

A young Leonardo DaVinci has found himself once again in the bad graces of the Ministry of Decency. Once a promising innovator of flying ships, Leonardo’s outspoken behavior has landed him in chains and in the clutches of Mercurio Conti, Vatican Inquisitor.

Two menacing guards drag Leonardo down a spiraling chasm and toward a large, wooden door. There are two uniformed soldiers guarding the entryway into the secret headquarters of The Minstry of Decency, who without hesitation, unbolt the door and open it.

Leonardo's captors quickly rush him inside a darkened room with a few candles casting light ...

"Well young Leonardo, it seems that your foolish exploits have landed you in much more trouble than even your father can get you out of this time."

"Inquisitor Conti, when will you realize that you will never be able to crush the creativity of Italy’s most ingenious minds. There are many more just like me."

"I assure you, The Vatican intends to root out all of your insulant colleagues and deal with them one by one."

"I remember when all this was about the advancement of science. Now, with your insidious meddling, Italian research has become a travesty."

“We’ve thoroughly searched your Villa and discovered your “creations”. What in God’s name are you thinking boy? This One of the male is horrid!”

“Signore Conti, you and my Father have been friends since childhood. You’re a man of science. I emplore you to see the ingenuity of these designs - the elegance!”

“What I see is blasphemous filth! What you’ve done with the female turns my stomach! The Vatican will not stand for the desecration of a woman!”

“The Female” has a name Inquisitor - Moria. “The Male” is Galeo, and I’ve created them both! They’re hidden far away where you’ll never find them!”

“You sinful bastard! I’ll see that you hang for this! Guards, get this thing out of may sight and back to the dungeons where he belongs!”

“You sinful bastard! I’ll see that you hang for this! Guards, get this thing out of may sight and back to the dungeons where he belongs!”


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