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All Those Tears

About mother, you see many a time we don't understand the essence of what we have until we loose it then it will strike us. I know of so many people who don't give a danm about the one special element in their lives and each time i come across a situation where one neglects his or her duty, I pulse and simply remind myself that I am better than the person.

Mothers are our first genuine friends. They actually feel our pains more than our fathers, although I am not in anyway trying to quantify affection with this post but truth be told; nine months, that nine months is simply amazing. You are connected to life through her veins and you are kept safe inside her. Every mother reading this deserves a standing ovation because there is none like you.

Mothers go extreme to keep their offsprings safe. Don't forget that the offspring is just a little piece of the mother so no matter what the situation is, there is no comparison between the two. A mother loves all her children though many a time we hear of loving them in different ways. Well, since they are different individuals then it won't be mistaken to agree that in some cases different ways applies.

I don't know if any of you knows about this; it is a situation whereby the child is broken and the mother can't help, the child pours out tears but the mother doesn't feel nothing anymore for the child. I have been in this situation and it sucks. Mothers are the most interesting part of a child's existence, she is called blessed and her duty is diligent, a mother's discipline is filled with love and she only wishes just one thing; 'Keep my child safe Lord'.

Have you ever thought of separating from your mother?


Death is inevitable and as far as we are roaming this planet, it is something we all must face, it is something we all must experience. The death of one's mother has a way of weighing us down, it is not that a mother is loved more than a father but believe me, losing a mother breaks something pure in a person's life.

No one is ever as interested in everything you do as your mother, or as proud of you.

I have been there so I can tell you what happens at the loose of one's mother, believe me most families fragments the moment the mother of the house who serves as the hub is gone. Do I have to remind you what she did for you? Apart from giving you life, she nursed you from when you were a baby to whatever time you were deemed fit to face the world.

No one prays for you more than your mother and no one cares for you more than her. To some especially girls, their mothers are their first gossip mates and to boys their first girlfriends. A mother's love is incomparable, nothing is close to it that is why sometimes, you see a mother clash with her son's wife because to her, this other woman has taken away the love of her life.

The pain I still carry with me and the tears I still shed today is the demise of my mother. The state of confusion one gets into at the death of a mother leaves nothing but tears and all those tears shed uncontrollably are not enough to make her open her eyes once it's shut so if your mother is still around and you are reading this then count yourself lucky.

Imagine what is going on in this image, you can clearly see the state of breakdown, this is how one remains inside when that special woman is gone. So love your mother and celebrate her now that she is still around.


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