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All of the Days I Spent With You and All of the Ways That I Felt

Monday (spring)

I despise you more and more with each breath. I sit here grasping what is left of myself, staring into blank space as you stare with zombie eyes completely through me. To think we spent the beginning of our journey running hand in hand as if we could break through these dimensional doors. Walking wide eyed, our pupils enlarged by both passion and fruit; just so that you could bounce back into reality without any remembrance. Without any trace of recalling our frolics in fields of gold that we created within ourselves.

Thank you; for at least being there at all. And my heart begins to soften because I realize that the hatred, is only ever temporary.

Evening (Winter)

What exactly do we do about these sore spots? I told myself If I ever get around to healing, I am sure I’ll be able to love you properly then, and here I heal; these unfinished words, I once lied and denied they were describing you. Here I heal and I am ready to breathe truth. You are the shade of deep Red and The pain you have caused does not outweigh the joy that you have revealed to me like a great secret. Let my naive attempts at affection dissipate; as a true love leads with action. Thank you for always being yourself, and so I love you, as I've always loved you and that; is not temporary.

© 2018 Christa Canady

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