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The Lost Paradise!


"It was a beautiful land where the soft green grass grows. The beautiful flowers too were moving to and fro as the soft and sweet wind blew. It was thus to say a spring season. The sky was laden with the beautiful patches of clouds. The sun too was shining brightly upon the land, that present day. A child from the nearby house along with his friends came in that beautiful garden. Shouting while saying with excitement that:

The spring season, at last, has arrived!

The spring season, at last, has arrived!

They were all shouting and rejoicing over this captivating happiness. The chorus gradually drifted, absorbing them all in child’s play, they were all so used to that dreamy place. None was sad or gloomy. They were all friends and no one was alone. Thus the enjoyment was complete in that spring season. The atmosphere around also complemented full joy and peace. Everyone was enjoying and seemed to be completely absorbed. None around appeared to cast gloom or ruin their happiness.

Freedom in thought, as well as life, thus reigned supreme in the paradise of that beautiful garden. Suddenly black clouds covered the sky and the sun vanished behind the clouds. Children and people were alike frightened by the sudden change in the weather. All rushed towards shelter to save themselves from such a bad weather. The child erstwhile absorbed also now looked up at the sky and found it covered by black clouds. Yet, he did not fail to notice the ray of sun that was emitting so very clearly from the little hole in the clouds. This made the child feel happy. As he was watching the sky the weather again became pleasant. The ray of the sun slowly getting bigger but !!!!”

“Ali! get up, will you not go to the school today? Hurry up! get ready for school! You are getting late."

This familiar voice slowly brought home the reality. Ali opened his eyes to understand the situation. Soon he got up from the bed. Looked out from the window where the weather was the same as he had left it the last evening after calling it a day. Absorbed still interpreting the dream. Ali got ready for school and went down for the breakfast. His mother was waiting for him, her only son. His father was martyred during fighting with “The Army” two years ago. Now they were living alone in the Occupied Kashmir known correctly as a “Paradise” on earth. Occupied by force the enemy was making cruelty, the order of the day. They were trying to kill the “Kashmiris” to make this beautiful land their own by force. While Kashmiris were fighting for their rights.

Ali asked his mother to interpret his dream. She replied that he had as a matter of fact seen the reality of our beautiful valley. Kashmir was like this. But far back in time spring was taken by dark clouds. Ali asked about “the ray of sun” but his mother did not answer that question. Then he went to the school. The distance was long between his home and school. On his way, he saw: “destroyed houses, ruined gardens, deserted fields, dead bodies of children and young people thrown on roads.” This made Ali very sad indeed! He felt sorry for all this. But he could do nothing. Then he felt helpless. At last, he arrived at school, the situation appeared to be even worst. Besides the students a large number of “Enemy Soldiers” were present. They were beating the children mercilessly. When later in the day Ali returned home. The situation appeared unbearable as compared to the earlier experiences of the day.

The dead body of his mother was lying not far from the door. The Enemy army had killed his most valued possession in search of Mujaheedins. In Ali’s neighborhood there lived an old man with his little son like Ali. The old man was now sitting on the doorstep with his slain body like Ali was standing in front of his mother. The story was almost the same in all houses of that locality. Helplessly the old man held Ali. Together they joined a group of refugees. Started a long journey winding their way to “the Azad Kashmir”.

After decades of that day, Ali living along with his nephews. Today at the 50th death anniversary of his mother. He was now sitting on a couch in front of the window recollecting his past. Suddenly he noticed: “Outside the window dark clouds not very far upon the sky. The ray of sun was also coming out of the little hole from those clouds, like his dream ages ago.” He realized the meaning of that scene in his dream. One day the spring season will arrive in that beautiful valley of Kashmir. They will be freed of oppression forever soon. This thought pleased Ali. A smile appeared on his face. Because he knew that the Paradise is made for the believers, and pagans idolaters can never get it for sure.!
“I traveled to a faraway land
Where I saw children playing in the rain.
It was a land with beautiful sights
It was a land of PARADISE.”

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir

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