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All I Can Do

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Is Shed One More Tear

I wonder why we must cry

To feel the water leave my eyes

The trouble in my heart

That wasn't there from the start

It only came when I heard of your own pain

On this wonderful day

How could the skies have turned so grey

When all I see is beauty

Your dealing with the grief of a terrible loss

I want to hug you until the sadness disappears

I look out my window and see the fallen leaves

As they swirl on the ground

They too were once golden in color now they have turned brown

As the seasons change

We must always change

For life is there for us to grow

To feel new experiences

A strange combination of good and bad

I will always push for more good

Even though the bad tries to sneak it's way in

I say it loud and clear

I will not have it

My life is filled with the most beautiful people

To those people I owe my life

I am here

See the smile on your face

That does not fade like a gorgeous sunrise or sunset

It radiates and keeps glowing for years after

It makes us want to smile more

Feel that feeling

Sadness may come

Lonely you will never be

Because we have friends who really care

As I inhale and fill my chest up with air

I am here

This is for Shyron Shenko

I pray for happiness to fill your days

You don't have to forget

You just have to remember

There will always be more good to be found

Then you will have that smile

That is so worthwhile

It makes you feel alive

I would be honored

If I could smile by your side

Now that I know you are doing better

Lets see what will happen today

Life will always be

One sweet, incredible mystery

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