All Hail the King of America

Updated on May 16, 2017

King of the United Kingdom of America

A preview of what we as an American Citizen can expect in the near future or is currently in the works.


All Hail The King of America

King Trump and his Loyal Lords now run the United Kingdom of America. A plutocracy for the millionaires, of the millionaires and of no surprise by the millionaires. A kingdom where money talks and b’shit walks the plank. A kingdom of low class minorities whose taxes and disposable incomes are paid in tribute to the king and his lords who plunder the land, screw the environment and pollute at will. A rightful place where women are chattel and only good for one thing.

A perfect world where everyone knows their place. A place where there are no journalists and FOX News and Entertainment Tonight are the only news shows on TV. A place where HSN and info commercials run 24/7. Sporting events are all pay-per-view and tickets to games are only for the uber rich.

An American Kingdom with walled borders to prevent the slaves from returning to Mexico to be free. Privately run prisons and torture chambers for paid protesters and liberal activists. Of course there will be the King’s Royal Court System where everything the King decrees by his written order is upheld as being fair and just. Then there is the Royal Family who are treated like Princes and Princesses and live in a gilded tower with the King’s name blazoned on it. As the King sits on his golden throne members of the Royal Family visit foreign lands and pitch the benefits of living as a millionaire in the American Kingdom built by the King using cheap or unpaid labor.

The King’s armies are invincible, patriotic, feared and spread all over the world. When the King speaks his armies rain terror from the skies. His generals must be loyal and not question his tweets because he knows far more than they about military strategy.

All HAIL THE KING! (and you better show up at his next coronation so there will be a better picture to hang on the palace wall)

Is This Your King?

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Pathetic Monarch
Pathetic Monarch


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