Aliens From Another Galaxy

Updated on April 23, 2017

Part One: The Arrival of the Aliens

The wind driven rain was hitting against Henry Watson's bedroom window. The rain drops quickly rolled down the window. The rain subsided in the early afternoon.

By nightfall, the cloud cover had drifted away exposing a beautiful sky full of stars. Henry came out the back door of a one story cottage. He was carrying a tri-pod and 7x35 wide angle binoculars; both of which his dad had bought him yesterday for his twelfth birthday.

Henry knew exactly what he wanted to view with his birthday present: Mars ... and Saturn if he could. But his dad had told him that he probably would need a more powerful pair of binoculars to view Saturn.

It was mid-July. He set up his tri-pod and attached his binoculars to it. He figured the Big Dipper would be easy to find. As he searched the sky through his binoculars, he became confused.

He did not find Saturn. What he did find was real bright. He assumed it was a planet. It was right next to Mars and it was larger than Mars.

He ran inside the house. "Dad! Dad! I found a new planet! "

Dad was sitting in his reclining chair. He folded the newspaper and rose from the chair and then followed Henry out back.

Dad peered through the binoculars and saw Mars. Next to Mars he saw a circular spot that was bright enough to be a star.

"Do you see it? Do you see it?" Henry was so excited he could not stand still.

"Calm down. I see it."

"Next to Mars. Right?"

Dad looked stunned. The circular spot had expanded until it was all Dad could see through the binoculars. Then the huge circular spot vanished.

"What in heaven's name was that" Dad quietly asked himself. He did not want to scare Henry so all he said was, "It's gone."

Part Two: First Sighting of The Aliens

Dad spotted a flash of light in the valley between two small hills. He adjusted the binoculars on the tripod for a closer.look. He spotted something but could not tell what it was. It was too small.

"What are you looking at?" asked Henry.

:"Nothing of importance." He readjusted the binoculars to view Mars.

Then Dad went inside the house.

An hour later, Henry brought his tripod and binoculars back up to his bedroom.

Tiny particles suddenly started bouncing off the window. At first Henry thought it was hailing. Then he realized that the particles were actually leaving tiny scratch marks on the window.

Henry peered out the bedroom door. Dad was sitting in his reclining chair.

"Dad," said Henry. "Take a look out the window."

Dad got up and walked to the living room window. It had tiny scratches on it. He noted the tiny particles sticking to the window. He took out a magnifying glass that he often used for reading fine print.

Although the particles were tiny, Dad was able to make of their shape.

Each particle was shaped like a polyhedron. Each side of these multi sided particles was shaped like a polygon. The edges of each polyhedron were razor sharp.

One polyhedron caught his attention. He used his binoculars to view this polyhedron. The polyhedron was not stationary. It began bouncing across the outside window seal.

"They are alive!" He said aloud. "They are alien creatures."

That is when dad noticed the person laying on the sidewalk.

Part Three: The Mystery

Dad used his binoculars to examine the person. The person did not appear to be injured. He was holding a small bottle of brandy.

He knew these creatures can bounce. But could they fly? Or did they merely fall? And from what? Or where?

Then Dad used the binoculars to look at the neighbor's yard. He did not spot any alien creatures. How could this be?

He looked again at his front lawn. He could see the alien creatures bouncing around. Then he looked at the neighbor's sidewalk but he did not see any activity.

Dad thought about reporting this sighting to the police. If these alien creatures did not land anyplace else, then would the police believe him?

Or would they send a police car to what might be certain death? He needed to find out if these alien creatures were hostile; But how?

The answer flashed through his mind. He knew there were mice in his cellar. He hoped he still had the trap that would catch the mice without killing them. He planned to release the mouse in the backyard and watch the alien creatures. Would they attack the mouse?

He put down the binoculars and went down the stairs just far enough to view the cellar window. There were no scratches one of the cellar windows.

Suddenly it dawned on him. The alien creatures were not bouncing around on the person laying on the ground. Could it be that they knew the person did not pose a threat to them?

Part Four: First Contact With The Aliens

Henry was in his bedroom again. He noticed a creature bouncing around outside his window. He watched it for a few moments; then he tapped on the window.

The creature turned and stood up on one of its points. Two eyes appeared on its surface.

Henry slowly backed away from the window. Then Henry left his room and went down the cellar. He saw his dad by the cellar window.

"Dad, They are alive."

"I don't think so."

"Dad, I can prove it. Just tap on the window."

Dad tapped on the window. Seven creature stood up on their points and glanced at Henry and his Dad.

"Why didn't I think of that?" Dad asked himself.

"I wonder if they talk to each other."

"We'll find out." Dad glanced at Henry. He waited for Henry to suggest what to do.

Henry was quiet for a few moments. Then turn and ran back up the stairs. "I'll be right back."

Five minutes later, Henry came back down the stairs with a tape recorder and a small radio.

Dad smiled. He helped Henry tape the microphone to the window. Then Henry went back upstairs to fetch a few extension chords.

Finally they were ready to perform their experiment. They turned on the radio and started the tape recorder.

"You think we'll be able to hear them?" asked Dad.

Henry shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. But what the heck? it's worth a try."

The tape recorder did not record any sounds.

"Turn up the volume."

Henry turned up the volume.

"Can you turn it louder?"

"This is as loud as it gets."

They heard nothing.

"Tap on the window again." Henry suggested.

Dad tapped on the window. A dozen creatures suddenly appeared near the window.

Squeaky sounds emanated from the tape recorder.

Henry looked at Dad. He knew exactly what Dad was thinking. "Dad, if they wanted to hurt us, they could have cut a hole in the windows."

"You're right. Let's go upstairs."

They heard more squeaky sounds from the window.

"Hello" Dad said.

More squeaky sounds and then silence.

Dad and Henry looked at each other.

"Let's turn on the news." Dad said as he walked toward the radio.

They listened to the news but heard no reports about UFO sightings and no reports about any star or asteroid coming very close to the earth.

"I don't understand. Surely someone else saw the bright light in the sky." Henry said.

"Maybe they did not report it because people would think they were crazy." Dad paused, "Are you hungry?"

Henry shook his head up and down.

They climbed the stairs and entered the kitchen.

After eating a few cold cut sandwiches, Dad suggested they get some rest. They walked into the living room.

"You can sleep on the couch." Dad told Henry. Then Dad settled down on the reclining chair.

Part Five: The Resistance

Henry was awaken by his neighbor. Henry looked out the window and saw the neighbor waving an assault weapon and shouting, "Get off my property. Now!" He was running around the yard chasing something Henry could not see.

The neighbor opened fire at the ground. He aimed not only at his own property but also at areas wherein Henry could see the alien creatures.

"Dad, Dad! Mr Whalen is trying to kill the alien creatures!"

Dad jumped off the couch and approached the window. "Sam, Stop!"

But Sam Whalen would not stop. After he emptied out one magazine, he loaded another and kept on firing his weapon.

For the first time, Dad was able to see the alien creatures on Sam's property.

Suddenly Sam's weapon disappeared from his hands. "What the heck!" He searched all over for the weapon but could not find it. He tried to back away as the aliens approached him. They surrounded him leaving him a path to his front door. Sam quietly entered his home. The alien creatures did not follow him.

Dad and Henry went back to sleep. They were convinced the alien creatures would not harm them.

Part Six: Communication With The Aliens

Henry woke up to a tapping sound. He sat up on the couch and saw an alien creature tapping on the coffee table.

"Dad." Henry said, "Dad, wake up."

Dad rubbed his eyes and looked at the alien. He slowly rose to his feet.

A low pitched voice emanated from the alien. "Do not be alarmed. We come in peace. I am here to explain the reason for our presence on your planet."

"Okay." Dad was lost for words, "Ummmm. . . Welcome to earth?"

"We are from a galaxy you probably know as the Andromeda galaxy."

"Ummm ... Okay?" Dad said.

"We noted that the beings on this planet have started interplanetary travel with a trip to the moon."

"We call ourselves humans." Henry blurted out.

"Henry." Dad's voice was almost scolding.

"It's okay." The alien said, "Perhaps Fred and you would feel more comfortable if you were looking at a more familiar shape."

At this point the alien morphed into the shape of a human being; Five feet tall with blue eyes and blue hair.

"Is this better, Henry?" asked the alien.

"Umm. I guess so."

"May I continue?" asked the alien.

"Yes. Please do so." Dad responded.

"Now that humans are preparing to embark on interplanetary travel, we have decided it is time to intervene."

"Intervene?" asked Dad. "Why intervene?"

"Because humans can be primitive and barbaric."

"Let's just suppose for the moment that we don't want you to intervene. What then?"

"Look at your couch." The alien responded. The couch disappeared. "And now your house." The whole house disappeared. A few moments later, both the house and the couch reappeared. "This is what will happen to your civilization by your own actions; Not ours."

"We have a lot to offer you. As you have seen, our technology and capability is far beyond yours. However it is not our intention to harm. We came here to offer and guide you to a better way"

"Why contact us? Why not contact our President and our Congress."

"Everybody is hearing this message. Just because you don't see us next door does not mean we are not there. It means we chose to be visible to you only on your property and only to them on their property. We chose a personal message to every being on this planet.

"Authorities and government, while not being omitted from hearing this message, need to be aware that all living beings deserve a future of hope. And this planet is on the brink of destroying itself. We present real hope that this outcome can be avoided.

"We are not here to dominate although we have the capability to do so. You have seen but two forms we are capable of morphing into. We are with you in many forms.

"We prefer your hand in friendship. Will you permit to help you? This is all we require."

"It appears we don't have a choice." Dad responded, "The threat is implicit in your actions. If it were really your intent to help, why didn't you spread this message before you invaded us?"

"Over the centuries, we certainly have. I believe your term for our appearances is UFOs. The beings on this planet are so close to annihilating themselves, we felt the pressing need to help you save yourselves.

"Now that all beings on earth have received our message, we await earths answer."

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      • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

        John Gentile 

        20 months ago from Connecticut

        Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

      • resspenser profile image

        Ronnie Sowell 

        20 months ago from South Carolina

        And earth's answer is...

        Good job, John. Enjoyed the story!

      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        21 months ago

        You're welcome. Good luck with the story.

      • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

        John Gentile 

        21 months ago from Connecticut

        Thanks for reading my short story and for the advice about the graphic capsule. I appreciate your suggestions.

      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        21 months ago

        A nice story about first contact. It seems a more realistic way of sending a message than how it was done on The Day The Earth Stood Still. You may want to consider putting your graphic capsule adjacent to your first capsule. This way the graphic would show up on Pinterest, a possibility for more hits.


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