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Alien Unknown

I am an emerging writer from Vancouver with numerous children's books available and several books in my new "A Better You" series.


Alien Unknown

The sharp blast across the sky broke through the clouds with fire and smoke. I looked up and froze. This can’t be real. Sarah and I joked about what we would do if an alien came to our planet but that was just a fairytale.

That is until now.

I watched the fireball crash down beyond my fathers house. It took out the fruit trees along the gardens edge and slid past the old barn by the pond. As it came to a stop in the mud I looked over to see Sarah drop to her knees. It was like she knew it was time. Life had been so peaceful here but that could never have lasted.

I ran over and grabbed her as we ducked behind a small fence, hoping it would shield us from alien eyes.

Where could this space craft have come from? What do they want with us?

Sure our people too had been to space. Not far but enough to know that there was so much more out there beyond our reach. I never imagined that I would be the first one to make contact.

I took Sarah’s hand and looked beyond her eyes. Not a word was spoken. We have always been able to communicate with our minds. She was born first, by 4 minutes, but we were pretty much identical. We always had a special connection but we kept our gifts a secret so they wouldn’t take us away. My father told us stories about experiments done by the Blackout Group. They wanted to use those with special powers and build a network of abilities.

We wanted no part of it. That’s why dad moved us out here after mom disappeared. It was safer for all of us.

Maybe the aliens sensed our gifts. Of all the places to land, why did they come to our home? They must be here for us.

As we snuck closer the craft emitted a strong blast of steam and powered down. I felt like I was being drawn towards it. Was this the beginning of the end? How could we know what was coming next?

A large panel opened up at the top of the craft. I guess I expected a blinding light to beam a message to the mother ship but it was dark; dark and quiet.

“What makes you think that?”

“Yeah but how could they have travelled so far?” She was right. They couldn’t be from our planet.

It had been years since dad was a part of the space exploration team but I remember the stories. We don’t have the technology to travel from star to star but that doesn’t mean aliens couldn't overcome it. Clearly the have. Their craft has crashed down right in front of me.

Two beings crawled out of the ship along with a remote gadget. It immediately hovered over the surrounding area looking for something.

I left Sarah in our hiding spot and ran across the yard to the back of the ship. I rubbed my hand across the hull and it was a strange metal that I’d never felt before. Probably a new element from their home planet made to withstand the interstellar travel.

As the probe found Sarah, the aliens started walking towards her. I panicked. I ran out from behind the ship and screamed for them to stop.

They slowly turned around and I got a good look at them. They were clearly in space suits and their helmets were a dark blue, like Sarah’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, everything’s ok”

How could Sarah know they weren’t here to hurt us.

“I won’t hurt her”

All the blood in my body rushed to my core and I fell to the ground. My eyes went dark.

When I woke up I was still on the ground. I thought I’d be on some sterile table with probes sticking out of me. Instead I saw one of the aliens kneeling beside me. As it opened it’s shield I focused on its face. I saw a reflection of myself. It must have been some kind of a mirrored mask.

“I found you!”

Sarah grabbed my hand. She knew everything was as it should be. Here was me looking at me. My doppelgänger from another planet.

Then I noticed some writing under the ship.

NASA Star Seeker

This must be their space exploration company. Their technology is way ahead of us here on Orizon.

We came to know them as Earthlings from a planet much like our own. Their bodies closely resembled us and they were able to breath our air. Perhaps all beings in the universe were the same.

Everything would change now. More people would come to join us on our planet. Would it be a good thing?

Well they seem like a peaceful species...


© 2018 WH Thomas

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