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Jonathan is a medical student at Mbarara university of science and technology in Uganda. He is a passionate writer


I met a girl. She's such an angel. She's beautiful. She's sweet. She's strong. She's independent. She's perfect. She's a whole book. Not only chapters, or even a few paragraphs. She's her own story. I don't like reading Obstetrics by Ten Teachers, I just like it when I read my picture in her eyes. There I'd score high and graduate fast.

And there we were, She begged, "Please don't post. I don't like to be the center of attention!" I said, "Not really, you can't escape it" She'd already captured the attention of many. Ask me about a one Disan, I'll tell you more about his fantasies. You realize the mind of man is agitated by various passions. Apparently Jehovah has given me Aggie, she agitates me.

There she go, looking like a shinning star. The girl I wanna make my baby. Oops, this happened so fast, uhmm, not really so fast, I would have noticed earlier. I asked God to reveal the matter, for it seemed never open but rather clancular and concealed. Ten thousand faces, still your eyes are the view. What can I do? When the chances are a billion stars. They can't compare, to you. She asks me, "How are you? All I hear is "High on you!"

I once posted: "We writers are shy and nocturnal". She hungried for me to write her a poem. I promised her one. Then I wondered how fun it would be, if she was that woman. You know I wanted to meet a woman who paints, so she could splash paint on my poems, spontaneously, and I could write imagery on her paintings, asymmetrically. Over the couch, we would discuss who is more influential in modern art: This woman, the painter and I, could compete to see whose love is stronger, or at least more tolerable. Back then in May and now in June, under pink sunsets, we could pick flowers, and walk backwards, in puddles of love. Wonder, where would we end up? I have no idea.

"Do you believe in magic?" She asks. "I believe in you,” I say. “And you're the closest thing to magic that I've found." I think my mind is playing trick on me. You just greet and give me the most appealing smile in this world and I already dream about where we should hold our marriage.

Perhaps it's far too early to reveal a feeling not yet ready to be love. The light of dawn, though hesitant, is real; Real as well the hopes that time will prove. I dance across the meadows of my heart. Carrying doubts that mingle joy and fear. I know I'm half myself when we're apart. All I want is with me when you're near.

Super super fire baby. Yegwe gwentunulira. Wadde mbeela neegumya, Nsigala gwe gwendaba. You're my mirror everyday, Bwentunula ndabamu era gwe. Nebwolaba ntangadde, Yegwe ansamaaliriza. I didn't know I could sing, well, I just did! For you.
—Ovic, 2022

© 2022 Ovic M Jonathan

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