Age Or Youth

Updated on March 24, 2017
"Reaching For The Moon" by Maxfield Parrish
"Reaching For The Moon" by Maxfield Parrish

Age Or Youth

An old face appears,

And Folly stares,

“Not I,” says she.


“T’will never be!”

“No age as that

Shall ever remove


Beautiful and eternal youth.”

“Old hag!

Tsk, tsk, shouldn’t have let yourself go.”

And Folly fled,

And Folly did,

As she would,

So full those summers were.

Loves would come,

And loves would go,

But there would always be


Where that came from.

Play high,

Play long,

Sing the song

Of young

Not old!

Till comes the Winter of Regrets,

The long, sad look

In the mirror of Truth...

And those who died young,

And those who died old,

Would they have traded places

For one more day of either?

Brian Gray March 24, 2017

"Griselda 1910" by Maxfield Parrish
"Griselda 1910" by Maxfield Parrish

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      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania


        Thank you for sharing your appreciation. Glad you enjoyed this one.


      • Joemeya profile image


        2 years ago


      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania


        Enjoyed your thoughts. All of them so true.

        Your Brother

      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania


        Glad you caught the thought provoking element.


      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania

        Ruby Jean Fuller,

        It is always a philosophical moment that causes us to pause, that passing of someone who died while they were still young and beautiful. We look at the untimely passing of Marilyn Monroe, or John Kennedy, Jr., and so many more; we gasp, become so perplexed, yet could we have accepted them at eighty years of age? Would we really have wanted Princess Diana to be aged and bent? Or do we prefer our "myths" to live on forever as we wanted them to remain?


      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania


        Someone once said that we look in the mirror and see ourselves as eighteen years old. We often wish the mirror lied, but it is a silent reminder that we are passing through, changing, not here forever, and at some point, the face in the mirror should tell us, "Live well and live fully."


      • Hanavee profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Gray 

        2 years ago from Pennsylvania

        John Hansen,

        You read my poem correctly. There is a price we pay for living longer, it is giving up our youth and all that we thought was so beautiful about it. But, acceptance of old age can also bring a beauty that those who are wise accept as a trade's called satisfaction.


      • profile image

        Connie Orser 

        2 years ago

        So true but how soon reality sets in and we slowly adjust our sails becoming more accepting of the inevitable. Then we relax and enjoy the remainder of our days in peace and contentment. Hopefully bringing some measure of happiness to others along life's journey.

      • profile image 

        2 years ago

        Brian - I enjoyed this poem. It's a heavy one but an enjoyable one.

      • always exploring profile image

        Ruby Jean Richert 

        2 years ago from Southern Illinois

        The mirror refuses to lie! I liked this reflection on youth and the days of carefree folly. It is sad when the young die too soon. The paintings are very beautiful...

      • whonunuwho profile image


        2 years ago from United States

        Nice poem my friend. I avoid looking very closely at the morning mirror myself. It is good sometimes that we may only choose to think of ourselves as having our younger look. Youthful looks are so fleeting. Blessings my friend. whonu

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        2 years ago from Queensland Australia

        A beautiful poem, Brian. The question at the end actually encourages deeper contemplation.


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