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Adult Child

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Developed a reputation as a petulant baby

Throwing mock temper tantrums on the white shag carpet

Kicking and screaming with the ease of a 2 year old

Trapped in the body of a 30 something pretend grown up

Wrapped in Liz Claiborne dresses and Michael Kors heels

Acted the part of someone who can buy a vowel on television

When they cannot rub two wooden nickels together

To make a fire in the Alaskan wilderness

Tended to go nuclear in high pressure cooker material situations

With the future was chiseled in stone tablets or on the blackboard

And also during a spirited game of Wild Card Rummy

Always wanted to be on top of the heap

But stuck being in the middle of life's vast mall parking lot

An underling eager to be the godmother of the whole lot

Disappointed that these grand design sketches only stay

In a private book locked away in a personal safe

Lost in an endless loop in the Bermuda Triangle

Next to Atlantis and Jimmy Hoffa's long missing corpse

Ready to put the rule book through an industrial strength shredder

Given up playing by the rules of society's game on how to behave

Time to have some legitimate fun

And if Mr. Blackwell doesn't like it

Oh well, he can go ride a porcupine to nowhere.

Is this baby really acting their age?

Is this baby really acting their age?

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