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Adrianna: The Perfect Punishment

Judy worked in insurance for many years before discovering how much she liked writing short stories on HubPages. Loves Rhodesian Rdgbks.

Adrianna: The Perfect Punishment

The night was dark and had a strange chill to the air outside of a certain large city. Adrianna shivered a bit as she walked quietly towards her objective.

Soon she heard faint sounds and saw lights through the thick trees. Drawing closer, she heard the sound of angry dogs and hurt dogs and the ugly laughter of people engaged in a despicable activity. She was just outside a dog fighting ground.

Adrianna had heard that cold-hearted people came to this hidden spot in the otherwise peaceful woods to satisfy unnatural cravings for blood and violence. They came for a dog fight, one of the most purely evil activities on Earth.

Wrapping herself in a disguising illusion, Adrianna walked all around and through the crowd evaluating them to see if any were worth saving. To her utter horror and disgust, she found some had even brought their children to the hellish event, polluting innocent minds with the filth.

The daughter of Apollo and niece of Diana, the Huntress, Adrianna loved dogs. And not just hunting dogs but all kinds of dogs. She kept quite a few canines of her own, all different breeds and sizes. To see what this despicable crowd did to the arena dogs made her furious and heart-sick at the same time.

Adrianna took some time to sort out the children by filtering through their parent's thoughts. She found most had another parent at home which would make it easy to take care of them. She could send them home & erase their memory of this night and any other dog fights they may have seen. She would alter the home parent's memory of the child being away from home tonight.

Taking a moment to clear her mind, Adrianna concentrated and froze the entire fight in place. First she sent each child with a parent at home to his or her bed, never to remember having been at any dog fight at all. Then she turned to the adults.

Those with very little experience with dog fighting were sent as the children were, to their home with no memories of having been at a dogfight event & a horrified nausea at the thought of attending them ever again.

For the organizers and fighting dog owners, of which there were 12, she wiped the memories of and desire to attend dog fighting of the 9 who were salvageable. However, for the 3 worst corrupted who had no regrets at all for their foul actions, she wiped out any evidence of their existence. First she wiped out any memory of them from family and friends or acquaintances and then from public records. She then teleported them to the deepest tiger-inhabited jungles of Southeast Asia, with a knife and water canteen only. Their minds would remember they had promoted dog fighting and this was their punishment.

The dogs she sent to her own kennel in the Hill Country of Central Texas. There she would heal their wounds and rehabilitate them. Those dogs would have a home for life there in the hilly, wooded property she owned and loved.

Finally Adrianna caused the building & fighting pits to be filled in & covered with new growth and the dirt road to the despicable site overgrown. The vegetation would erase the sight and purify it for the future.

Exhausted from her efforts, Adrianna finally took herself to her beloved home. As she knew he would, her handy man was already settling all the new dogs in, sorting them out & treating wounds. All of the dogs were given food and water in a spacious kennel with indoor shelter and outdoor runs.

Satisfied with the work, Adrianna changed into her bedclothes and laid her head down on the pillow, sound asleep within minutes. She would awake refreshed and ready for whatever the new day brought her.

Judy Ward

(c) May 2017

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