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Adopting a Special Pet

Updated on November 14, 2016
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The Stare
The Stare

Millie Morgan felt very lonely, and no wonder. She lived all by herself in a small cottage outside a tiny town somewhere in Oklahoma. All of her old friends had either passed away or moved away. She had very little in the way of family: a nephew who lived in Nome, Alaska; a distant cousin who had left the country to settle in Ireland.

Millie had tried visiting the local senior citizens' center, but found she could not tolerate the company of old people. At eighty-eight, Millie did not consider herself old. Indeed, not!

One day Millie read a story in the local newspaper about pet adoptions. It seemed that a large number of stray cats, dogs and other animals had in one manner or another found their way into the county animal shelter. The custodian, a man named Francis Selby, whose picture appeared alongside the article, was quoted as saying, "I need your help. Please come and adopt."

Francis Selby's gaze seemed to bore hypnotically right into Millie Morgan's eyes.

Millie blinked.

The following afternoon, Francis Selby glanced up from the paperwork on his desk. The bell above the animal shelter door had announced the arrival of a visitor. He hoped someone had come to rescue one of his charges: a collection of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, turtles and birds. Surely the caller would give at least one of the occupants of the shelter a good home. He had no idea how quickly an answer to his fervent wish would occur.

Millie paused and leaned close across Francis Selby's desk. Her stare drilled into his transfixed gaze.

A small, slender woman in a flowered blouse and purple pants approached his desk.

"Are you Francis Selby?" Millie Morgan asked.

"Yes, I am," he said.

"I'm Millie Morgan," Millie said. "I saw your picture in the newspaper and your plea for someone to come and adopt."

The shelter custodian smiled tentatively and nodded expectantly.

Millie paused and leaned close across Francis Selby's desk. Her stare drilled into his transfixed gaze.

"Well," she said," I have come to adopt. I have come to adopt you."


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