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A Letter to Heroin...

I am a recovering Heroin addict. This letter to heroin might teach people a little bit about how addiction works.


Dear Heroin

A letter to heroin....


As sick and twisted as it is.... I miss you.

I miss the way you made me feel like everything was okay when life was stressful.

I miss how you comforted me when I was sad after a hard day.

I miss the way you were there for me no matter what, when nobody else was.

I miss how excited I would get when you showed up when I hadn't seen you for awhile.

But the things I miss about you are things that are fake. You manipulated me into trusting you until I ended up needing you several times a day, and if I didn't have you, I became so sick that I couldn't even function. You convinced me that I couldn't live without you. You became my main focus. I thought about you almost constantly. How I was going to get more of you, where and when I could sneak away to get you back into my veins...

You tricked me! You sucked me in and spit me out, leaving me sick and broken. You took me away from my family. You pushed yourself in between my kids and I. You have killed several of my family and friends... You have taken thousands of lives. You give people a fake sense of comfort and peace, when really there is nothing peaceful about you. Stay far away from me and my family.

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