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Achieving Symbiosis With the Corona Virus Aka Covid-19

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The Covid Alien Symbiont

The Covid Alien Symbiont

As the infection of the alien virus extends, the world shouts in panic and fear of infection. Governments sworn to silence of the alien invasion which accost the human body as parasite trying to find a fit host. The people are naive as usual and believe anything they are told. In an effort to cover up the alien invasion, the infection brought upon by the symbiont trying to find the right host was called a flu. Hundreds of thousands of people were chosen by the alien, but many did not find the right host and in return the alien fed upon the host their lungs causing death.

When the symbiont accosted the human body, the body would first fight back the foreign item. The human would suffer some fever and headaches. The symbiont would not release the human body and will hold on until the body’s immune system becomes too weak to host the hungry symbiont which would then feed on the lungs of the human instantly causing death. The death occurred mostly by the elderly and those who had prior illnesses whose immune system were weakened and could not host the alien.

The alien infection spreaded far and wide with millions of people becoming host to the invaders and not knowing it as the time was not right yet for the alien invader to reveal itself until it had possessed enough host to outnumber those human who were not carriers. But the symbiont needed to preserve a stock of humans as it could not live long enough in a regular human body due to humanities weaknesses. The alien infection must move from host to host every year. But this symbiont came with a lot of perks, once the alien possessed the host, it was capable of healing just about any kind of disease the host was suffering from. A pandemic of healing suddenly began across the globe as people who had cancer, diabetes, arthritis, mental illnesses, Down syndrome, broken bones, blind and bed ridden suddenly became well again. When this happened, the alien infection revealed itself to the carriers posing as a God within them and the human accepted the gift.

Things would drastically change for mankind as the alien was in no need of most of the earthly possession which man treasured. The way of life globally began to make vast changes as the currency in all countries lost value and was now totally eliminated from use. The Symbiont gave man astonishing technology which saw the Earth use of electricity and fuel become virtually free as everything was harness from the air. Livestock however had to be produced at a massive rate as the Alien craved for live cattle daily. But aside from this, the earth will become littered with carcasses of humans who did not achieve symbiosis simply because of Government so called isolation care.

Alien Covid-19 Symbiosis

Alien Covid-19 Symbiosis

Achieving Symbiosis With Corona Alien Virus Without Death

The Covid-19 Alien virus has a lot of strong areas and it also has a lot of weak areas. The Alien loves the colder climate as it thrives much better in such environments. The hotter climates are not suitable for the Alien and as such will not have significant presence in the Caribbean or South america. The Alien is also susceptible to sounds of certain frequencies such as those generated by a MRI machine. This sound will kill the alien and damage the host significantly id they come intact with such sound. This is why Symbiosis is not achieved by those isolated in government testing facilities as the test performed for Covid is actually what kills the host and the Alien. To Achieve Symbiosis, one must be isolated and avoid government contacts. Let your body run the process of infection and in around 7 days you and your alien friend will be one.

Then We Were Ruled Under One

The common human being as we knew it lost all ranking and power and only those who achieved symbiosis with the Covid Alien were made to rule over man. The alien established a one world government with new leaders being placed in every nation who reported to one world president or Emperor. Politicians who did not achieve symbiosis were removed and thrown out of office like a piece of newspaper blowing in the wind. The Earth was now controlled by this strong alien force. Christianity and all other religion came to a halt as all prays of salvation brought naught and the aliens eventually placed a Marshall law on any kind of God worship.

Suicide rates increased rapidly as many could not adjust to the new way of life and simply did not want to live in a world where humans were seen as merely a host for a higher form of being. The world became a dark boring place and the joy of humanity extinguished it's flame forever.

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