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Absurd Poetry

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Mastana was a famous barber in his area. He used to write poetry. Unfamiliar with rhymes and radio, this self-proclaimed poet considered himself to be a powerful and equal poet to a believer. Pulla would tell.
Sometimes he used to recite some of his weightless ghazals at the shop as if they were of the quality of Mirza Ghalib and would get a lot of applause from the employees and customers who were not familiar with the literature. A poet named Musafir Dehlvi was very famous in this area. Musafir Dehlvi was a solitary man. He did not like to mix with people, so most people knew him only by his name and words.

"Little one! Bring three cups of tea!"
"Bring it now teacher."
Mastana had just opened a shop.

"Come on! Turn on the TV, let me see what is the current state of Corona in America?"
"Why teacher! Are you planning to go to America?"

"Hey, idiot! That's where my Facebook friend Michael lives."
"Hey, teacher! He speaks very good English, but how do you talk to him?"
"Come on, there's a broom in the shop. There's a lot of talking. Hands can't move during work and the tongue... "Actually, Matane had a habit of cutting his hair as well as blowing his hair.

The arrival of customers started. While doing the hair of a customer, Matane said: "Hey sir! This Coronavirus is nothing. The one who wants to happen will happen, the one who doesn't, won't have to. There is no reason for people to be so careful." Why did I say wrong?
He would often say this at the end of a sentence to give weight to his point.
The customer didn't answer. How could Mastana stay silent? When political news came on TV, Mastana couldn't stay silent. He started saying: "I am aware of every issue. I know everything that has just come, my dear!" This is all rhetoric. They just say Kuch Hai Hota Kuch Hai Sir! On the seat where you are sitting, big politicians, lawyers, professors, doctors, engineers, and poets have sat here and poetry is its own soul.
The customer spoke for the first time: "Well, you are also interested in poetry."
"Hey, what did you say sir? Interesting? It seems you haven't heard my poetry. I am a serious poet and you are asking that..." Mastane added stiffly: "Let me give you my poetry." recite:
We are Mastana and they are foreigners
Oh God, what is this story?
The customer suddenly said: "Hey, this poem sounds like something.
"Hey, sir! You will often find my poems written on walls and behind rickshaws, trucks, and buses. People come from far and wide to ask for poetry. The heart becomes happy.
The customer asked: "Well, do you know the traveler Dehlvi?"
"Hey, traveler! He is a child in front of me. I have explained to him many times, to correct his rhymes, but when does he believe me?"
"He is a very famous poet."
"Hey, sir! What is poetry? Just added his stanza to it, this is also poetry.
Only Mastana knows the mysteries of poetry. Why did I say the wrong thing?
At the same time, a man entered the shop and Mastana saw the person who was doing his hair and said: "Hey traveler Dehlavi Sahab! Good to meet you here.
I was about to go to your house to invite you for a performance!”
On hearing this, Mastana said in a state of surprise, "What! What did this passenger Dehlavi say?" In the next moment, the shop echoed with the laughter of the customer, Ajo, and the passenger Dehlavi.