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Abandoned Building, Abandoned Me



My first impractical short story with a touch of reality. Amateur drawing for humor purpose and to give a better picture of what is happening.

Abandoned Building, Abandoned Me

I had no idea how I got to where I was. My hands felt around the wall above me, hoping to find an opening. I lied flat on my back but my head was lying on its side. It seemed that I was stuck in a crawl space. I shouted for help but I was left to drown in my own voice. I have never felt so alone but my own voice gave me courage to resolve the matter. Thankfully, I still had enough room to push myself along the passage so that I could hopefully escape. All the past issues that worried me, didn’t matter anymore. The only thing on my mind was “I want to live life to the fullest. I want to be free.”.

The temperature just got higher every time I pushed myself to get out. I sweated profusely and rested every now and then as well as cried for help. Finally, I could feel cool wind blowing and my already tangled hair covered my face. It made no difference to my eyesight because the crawl space was pitch black anyway. I knew I was nearing an opening because of the wind so there was no time to give up. It took me around 30 minutes to free myself from the crawl space. I panted and clumsily stood up.


The moment I stood up, the first thing I noticed was that the floor I was on, overlooked an empty room that was lit by a light bulb, from a concrete building. That room was around 460 metres away from where I was standing and a cable was suspended all the way to there. The inside of the room could be seen as there were only 3 walls. My head felt light and I shook in fear because I was not on ground level and I was afraid of heights. This was all too much for me to process because I had already been through one obstacle. I thought to myself, there was no way that the cable was the only way to escape from wherever I was because I imagined myself slipping from the cable without a harness.

I scanned the room I was in, to search for a door to exit. No door was found. Only the room on the opposite side had a door which could lead me back home. I couldn’t hear any noise that signaled people were out there and darkness outside the room made it impossible for me to see where I was. I dared not peer down from the edge of the room I was in. I decided to wait one whole day for daylight to come to light up the place but light didn't come. It seemed I was in a different world.


In the room I was in, there was a pile of abandoned items like old toys, worn out clothes, shoes and they looked somehow familiar. Nothing appeared to be of help and I had no phone and food with me. I shouted for help because it was straightforward and I hoped that anyone in the area might hear me. After the 100th call for help, I resorted to an alternative plan although it was very risky.

I approached the pile of junk and threw to one side, anything that could not help me. Nothing could help except a radio which still had batteries on. It had a disc and I played the radio at full blast in hopes that the music would echo in the distance and reach somebody. Then an idea came to my mind. I decided to go for the cable. I knew I had to try despite my fear of heights.


I compiled all the clothes and started to create a rope. I learnt from scouting, how to secure ropes. It surprised me the number of clothes because there was too many. There was enough soft toys to cushion me in case I fell so I attached soft toys of different sizes to my body. I grabbed the baby chair that was among the junk and climbed onto it to reach for the cable that was mounted on the ceiling, just above the edge of the floor.

I tiptoed on the chair because the cable was too high and managed to tie the rope around it. I was close to the edge so I had to hold onto the side of the wall as well as adjust my balance. I tied the other end of the rope around my body. I looked one last time at the rope to make sure it was very tight and decided to do a leap of faith. I closed my eyes and literally leaped.

The wind was cheering me on as I traveled on the cable. "Safety is on the way", I chanted in my head. Suddenly, the wind surrendered and I couldn’t feel the rope around my body. My eyes were closed and I didn’t dare to open them for fear that the worst had come. A softness was behind me and my head felt dizzy. I decided to open my eyes and again, I was in the dark, just like the crawl space. I was getting confused and how could I possibly be in the same place that I was, earlier.


I caught a glimpse of light and I hoped that it was from the light bulb that lit the room I intended on going to. I felt relieved that it was the morning sunlight behind my room curtains. It was a nightmare after all. In reality, I wouldn't have made a rope out of clothes to get out. I would have just stayed...probably. From then onward, I did my laundry more efficiently and I also gave away my toys to charity.

About The Story

This story is actually an improvisation of my dream. Don't worry, I wasn't stuck in a crawl space and I did not travel on the cable.

© 2019 Li-Jen Hew

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