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A Lovely Tale

Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.


Hola! How are you? Are you wondering who I am? Well, I won't tell. I leave it to you.

It all begun one cloudy morning. It was the beginning of monsoon. I was going home. On the way, I saw a sparrow sitting in the middle of the road. I wondered why it couldn't fly. He was flapping his wings, but it didn't help. I immediately picked him up and searched for another person. And then my eyes fell on a shop. I hurried there and placed the sparrow on a chair. On close examination, I found out that a thorn had pierced his right claw.

“Excuse me!” I called. “Is someone there?”

“Yes!” a sweet voice echoed through the silent air. “How may I help you, sir?”

“The sparrow's injured,” I spoke breathlessly, “bring me a nail-cutter. Hurry!”

I had no time to look at the respondent. The sparrow's critical condition caught my heart, eye and mind.

“Here,” she replied, “sir.”

I slowly brought it closer to his claw, and then quietly removed the thorn. Thank goodness, the thorn didn't penetrate! Although, the sparrow squeaked with pain.

“Bring me some water, quick!” I said impatiently.

When she brought a glass of water, I poured some on the injured part. The sparrow flew away, as if dancing with joy.

When I returned the glass, I said, finally looking at her, “Thank you!”

She returned her welcome with a smile. While returning her the glass, I accidentally touched her hand, and she smiled more brightly and ran inside.

I started to walk away, thinking to myself, “what a weird feeling? I mean…smile. Huh!”

The next day, when I was passing by the same route, I started feeling hungry. I went to the shop.

“Can I have a packet of Cream 'N' Onion, please?” I said to the girl.

She smiled again and it was a mysterious one.

She returned with the packet, but when I tried to get it, she didn't let go of it. I could feel her eyes fixed on me.

After a couple of seconds of tugging, I told her, “are you giving it to me or not?”

“Okay, okay,” she said, “here it is.”

She finally let go of it, but she did something I never had imagined. She winked. I turned around, but I couldn't find anyone.

“That was for you,” she said, winking again, “my love!”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Oh, um,” she stumbled for words, “just wanna say, have a great day!”

“You are weird!” I looked in her eyes, and smiled.

“Yes!” I heard when I started walking away.

On my way home, her image started floating in my eyes. Such a lovely face, eyes shining like diamonds, her smile was killing me. Her voice had something unique; something I never noticed about other girls. It was a strange feeling! I couldn't understand.

When I reached home, I looked at the packet and smiled.

“No, no!” I said to myself. “Concentrate!”

“What are you concentrating on?” a sweet voice, that any child would unmistakably differentiate from other's, fell on my ears.

“Uh, mom,” I said, gulping in, “it's nothing…nothing! Hehe!”

“No, no, no,” she said, “you have been thinking about something.”

I was about to change the topic, but she finally asked, “tell me, my child. What's the matter?”

I am really bad at hiding things, and when it comes to hiding from mom, I become helpless. So, I narrated the entire story to her.

“Oh my son!” she exclaimed, happiness shining on her face. “Is she pretty?”

“Yes!” I slipped and then corrected. “I-I mean…no. I don't…”

I stared down at my feet, but my mom saw through my heart.

She said, placing her hand on my shoulder, “it is called love, my son!”

“No mom!” I defended while going red all over my face with a hint of smile on my face. “it's not what you think.”

“Good luck, m'boy!” she said. “It is!”

I couldn't sleep that night. Her face was floating in my eyes. But I denied accepting that it could be love. Her voice filled my ears, her face occupied my mind and my heartbeat grew faster. My mind said it wasn't love, but heart said it was. And people say that heart speaks the truth. Anyways, I fell asleep.

“What do you want to buy?” she asked.

“I want you!” I replied much against my will. “I mean…Coca Cola.”

She smiled again and went inside. I called her but my dream broke when I saw mom sitting beside me.

“Are you okay, son?” she asked.

“Where's she?” I asked her.

“Who?” she asked.

“Oh!” I said. “It was…just a dream.”

“Dream? What happened?” she asked eagerly. “What did you dream about?”

I told her everything and she smiled again.

“I told you,” she said smirking, “you are in love, my son!”

She kissed my forehead and left me.

For the next few days, I passed by the shop, but I didn't find her. I was worrying. I didn't know why. Her absence made me incomplete.

Finally, one day I saw her.

I rushed to her and said, “where have you been so long?”

She raised her eyebrows and smiled, “I was away for a while purchasing chips for you. I have brought different flavours.”

“I missed you so much!” I blurted. “I mean…I missed my chips.”

There was complete silence for quite a while, and I couldn't think of saying anything but look at her mesmerising eyes and angelic face. She was the one for me. Mom was right, I thought.

“I actually wanted to say—” I said taking my eyes off her.

“I love you!” she said.

I froze on the spot. I gaped at her in amazement. I hadn't expected such a response. But she was smiling at me, playing with her hair.

“What?” I asked shockingly.

“I love you!” she said while making a heart using her hands. “And happy birthday!”

“How did you know it's my birthday?” I asked experiencing another wave of shock.

She didn't speak anything. Someone patted on my shoulder. I almost jumped with surprise. When I turned, I saw my mom, dad and sister. She kissed my hand and hugged me.

I was completely clueless. She held my hand and led me in her shop, which was a part of her house. Mom explained me everything. The marriage was arranged. She already knew me. When I asked her the reason why she didn't tell me, she told me that Elizabeth wanted to know me well. So, they agreed on it. And that was the birthday surprise for me. My laughter was followed by my mom's. Elizabeth looked more beautiful when she laughed. My wife, my love, my better half.

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil

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