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A Promise to Keep

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A Promise To Keep

It was raining, when I looked outside my window. The small droplets of water fell on my face.

“Oh God!”, my inner voice said. I could feel the cool raindrops on my face. I felt blessed.

It was the first rain of the season. I was waiting for this moment. I wished I could go out and get drenched. I wanted to dance in the rain , jump in the water but I COULD NOT.

Three years back, on a Christmas eve I was full of excitement. I was going back home from college to celebrate my Christmas vacation. My dad had bought a surprise for me. I could not control my anxiety. I wanted to reach home within seconds but my bus journey would take around 6 hours to reach my destination. Although the journey should be wonderful as we have to travel through a steep road over the mountains, but I could utilize this time by planning about the stuff I would be doing at home. My brother loves to play video games so I bought a PlayStation for him which will be a huge surprise for him. Mom loves Silk Sarees with thick borders. I don’t have much knowledge about the sarees but somehow I managed to purchase a nice red silk saree for her. And my dad, what an energetic man even at this age. He loves to play all sorts of games. I always think, from where he gets such energy. If I could have a bit of it I would have done wonders. So for my evergreen dad, I could not think of anything better than a badminton kit. He was a champ and played with his friends regularly.

3 hours already passed and I was lost in my dreams when I heard a loud sound. It was the sound of the breaks. A sudden break. We all moved forward. And I hit my head on the seat. “Ahh” , I screamed. But what was horrifying was that the bus had lost its balance and was hanging with the support of a big stone. The driver shouted and asked everyone to quickly jump out of the bus as it could fall anytime. Every passenger on the bus started running toward the door.

“Ouch!!!” I shouted when a person pushed me. “I am Sorry”, he apologized.

If I would have been at some other place I would have scolded him but now I am in a run for life situation.

All the people in the bus came out safely and we thought it was God’s grace that we all were safe. Suddenly I heard someone screaming inside the bus.

An old lady who could not walk properly was stuck and not able to move. No one was ready to help her. I don’t know what forced me to do it but I jumped in the bus and caught hold of her hand and slowly pulled her out of the bus. Till now things seemed fine but destiny had something else for me. After the lady stepped out of the bus it suddenly started going forward. I was shocked as I was still on the bus. I had to jump. Without thinking much I jumped and fell on land which was slippery. I could not balance myself and went down.

The next moment when I woke up I was in the hospital. My family was standing beside me.

“Mom stop crying, I am fine”. I said. But she could not control her emotions. I tried to get up to hold her but “My legs. Why is it not moving? Dad what happened to my legs.”

Doctor explained that when I fell down my legs got injured very badly and even he was not sure when I would be able to walk again.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and my plans for Christmas went in vain. When I reached home , I asked “Dad, where is my surprise”. Dad, whom I always considered a strong man, broke down. He could not control his tears. He said “Beta, you always wanted to fly high and reach everywhere in quick time so I bought a bike for you”.

I could see the pain and tears in his eyes so some strong energy inside me said “Dad, don’t worry I will take you to the Badminton Court one day on my bike so that we can play together with the racket I bought for you”.

After 3 yrs, things are better. Now I may not run but at least I could walk a few steps. Without anyone’s help I could come near my window to enjoy the rain. And I am sure someday I will be able to fully enjoy the rain and also will be able to keep my promise which I did to my dad.



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